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Graphical World Progress Report – Now Available

Get a beautiful print that makes sense of millions of UNdata records. All proceeds go towards relief efforts in Haiti.

Timescapes to Compare Chopin Recordings

How do you compare music visually? You can break it down into data by quantifying the notes, volume, etc and then visualize it with timescapes (above). The horizontal axis represents…

Data Underload #4 – Little Things

Your age versus how easy it is to amuse you.

The Geography of Netflix Rentals

Some movies are popular everywhere. Others are popular only in certain regions. The New York Times, in a nice team effort, maps rental popularity by zip code for large regions…

Need to Escape Jupiter’s Gravitational Pull? Good Luck

Randall of xkcd has been having fun with data visualization lately. In his latest data-ish comic, Randall explores gravity wells. The height of each well is sized relative to the…

Graphical World Progress Report – A Sneak Peek

FYI: A new edition on the current state of the world is coming soon from FlowingPrints. Join the mailing list to be first to know when it's available. I'm only…

11 Ways to Visualize Changes Over Time – A Guide

Deal with data? No doubt you've come across the time-based variety. This is a guide to help you figure out what type of visualization to use to see that stuff.

Even Older Infographics from the 19th Century

Old graphics are awesome. We saw some from the 1930s already. These are even older. Other than the maps, I don't exactly know what I'm looking at (knowing French would…

A Visual History of Loudness in Popular Music

All Things Considered discusses why music sounds worse than it did a few decades ago. Through a practice using compressors, the quiet parts of a song are made louder and…

Data Underload #3 – The Resolution Cycle

Late at night, the new year's resolution longed for a straight line.

The Universe as We Know It

The Known Universe from the American Museum of Natural History shows a view of the universe, starting from the Himalayas and quickly moving out to the edge where all is…