It looks like a bar chart, but it reads differently. The baseline is continuous instead of discrete categories, which allows one to see distributions.

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Ages of the People We Marry

Variation kicks in when you look at the later years, consider multiple marriages, divorce, separation, and opposite-sex versus same-sex relationships. This chart breaks it all down.

Tom Brady of other jobs

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is 45 years old,…

Feelings at Work

We spend a lot of time working. It seems worth thinking about how we feel during all those hours.

Income in Each State, Adjusted for Cost of Living

A dollar might not buy you as much in one state as it does in the other.

FiveThirtyEight launches 2020 election forecast

The election is coming. FiveThirtyEight just launched their forecast with a look at…

Distribution of unemployment at the tract level

We’ve been hearing a lot about national unemployment rate, but it’s not uniformly…

Relationships: The First Time…

When Americans had sex, moved in with someone, and so on. Often not average. Far from normal.

Americans are Growing Bigger

We keep getting bigger. Watch overweight and obesity rates move up over several decades.

How Much We Eat vs. How Much We Need

On average, we use less energy as we age, and so we should eat less. We don’t always adjust soon enough though.

Shifting Parent Work Hours, Mom vs. Dad

Articles about stay-at-home dads and parents with even work loads might make it seem like dads are putting in a lot of hours in the household these days. Are they? How do they compare to moms' work hours?

Years You Have Left to Live, Probably

The individual data points of life are much less predictable than the average. Here's a simulation that shows you how much time is left on the clock.

Do Movie Sequels Live Up to Their Originals?

The third installment of Pixar’s Toy Story is making a killing at the…