Choropleth Map

Regions are colored by a variable. Be careful with your color choices, as they can quickly change what the map shows.

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Where coronavirus cases are peaking

With this simple choropleth map, Lauren Leatherby for The New York Times shows…

Design your own election scenario

As we have seen, small shifts in voting behavior of various demographic groups…

Racist housing policy from 1930s and present-day temperature highs

Brad Plumer and Nadja Popovich for The New York Times show how policies…

Distribution of unemployment at the tract level

We’ve been hearing a lot about national unemployment rate, but it’s not uniformly…

Where people are wearing masks

NYT’s The Upshot ran a survey through the data firm Dynata asking people…

Map of Foreign Students

There are over 1 million international higher-education students enrolled in the United States. This map shows where they reside.

Racial Divide

It's hard to think of much else. These maps show the racial divide between black and white people in major cities.

Choosing color palettes for choropleth maps

Choropleth maps, the ones where regions are filled with colors based on data,…

Mapping death in America, 1980 to 2014

Nationwide mortality data relies on death certificates, and when cause of death is…

Republicans’ health care plan compared against Obamacare

Based on estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Kevin Quealy and Margot Sanger-Katz…

Reviving the Statistical Atlas of the United States with New Data

Due to budget cuts, there is no plan for an updated atlas. So I recreated the original 1870 Atlas using today's publicly available data.

Mapping the Most Common Races

Select one or more races for a quick comparison. Counties are colored by the most prevalent.

Out-of-state commuters mapped

In a straightforward map, Seth Kadish shows the percentage of county residents who…

Compare Worst and Best Commutes in America

See who has it worse off and better than you.

Interactive: When Do Americans Leave For Work?

We don't all start our work days at the same time, despite what morning rush hour might have you think.

Interactive: How Americans Get to Work

The way that people get around can say a lot about how a place is made up. Here's an interactive map that shows how people get to work in America.