Choropleth Map

Regions are colored by a variable. Be careful with your color choices, as they can quickly change what the map shows.

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Choosing color palettes for choropleth maps

Choropleth maps, the ones where regions are filled with colors based on data,…

Mapping death in America, 1980 to 2014

Nationwide mortality data relies on death certificates, and when cause of death is…

Republicans’ health care plan compared against Obamacare

Based on estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Kevin Quealy and Margot Sanger-Katz…

Mapping the Most Common Races

Select one or more races for a quick comparison. Counties are colored by the most prevalent.

Out-of-state commuters mapped

In a straightforward map, Seth Kadish shows the percentage of county residents who…

Compare Worst and Best Commutes in America

See who has it worse off and better than you.

Interactive: When Do Americans Leave For Work?

We don't all start our work days at the same time, despite what morning rush hour might have you think.

Interactive: How Americans Get to Work

The way that people get around can say a lot about how a place is made up. Here's an interactive map that shows how people get to work in America.

Relationship Status Geography

Some places attract young singles, whereas others attract married couples and families. I was curious how this varied across the country, so I mapped it.

The Most Regional Names in US History

It was a challenge to choose a name for my son, someone who…

Average commute times mapped

The United States Census Bureau just released county-level commute estimates for 2011, based…