Data Underload

People worry about data overload. Fooey. Charts and musings by Nathan Yau.

McDonald’s Locations vs. Golf Courses

There are thousands of McDonald's locations, but there are still more golf courses in the United States. This seems surprising, but some maps make it clear.

Feeling Rested with Age

How much you sleep each night matters, but more importantly, it's about the quality and if you feel rested when you wake up.

Race and Occupation

Asian workers are more than three times more likely to be physicians. What other jobs jump out? What's it like for other races and ethnicity?

When and How Many Super Bowl Wins, by Team

How does the modern Kansas City Chiefs compare to teams who won previous Super Bowls over the past 58 years?

Commonness of Races in Different Occupations

Some occupations are more race-dominant than others. This is the percentage of employed persons 16 years and older who are a given race or ethnicity for each.

Common Millionaire Household

The status of seven figures is maybe not as rare as it seems.

Young Money

We often associate high income with older people, but young people can also earn higher incomes. Let's see what those people studied and what they do for a living.

Jobs with Higher Income and Fewer Hours

So people earn a six-figure income without working all the time. What do they do?

Most Common Jobs, by Income Group

These are income ranges for the ten most common jobs at different income levels.

Rising to Top Net Worth, by Age

With the most recent release from the Survey of Consumer Finances, see how your household's net worth compares against others'.

Most Common Causes of Death, by Age

This is how the most common causes have changed over time for people aged 0 to 85.

Scale of Sports Fields and Courts

Here are the major sports drawn at the same scale to help appreciate the differences between field and court sizes.

How Cause of Death Shifted with Age and Time in America

As we get older, our life expectancy declines. But when and how quickly the decline happens and how it happens has changed over the years.

Life Expectancy of Pets

When looking into getting a pet, it’s important to consider life expectancy. You probably don’t want to accidentally sign up for a twenty-year commitment with an impulse adoption at the pet store.

Oldest and Youngest, by State

States aren't uniformly young and old. Well, other than Maine. This is the breakdown by age group and regions.