Data Underload

People worry about data overload. Fooey. Charts and musings by Nathan Yau.

Occupation and Salary Rankings, Each Decade Since 1970

Job types changed over the years, because there were these things called computers that created occupations and shifted others. How did income change for different jobs, relative to everyone else?

Simulation for Probability of Success

Imagine that you try to do something and there's a 20% chance of success. If you try to do the thing six times, what is the probability that you succeed at least once?

Where the Time Goes with Age

We get 24 hours in a day. How do we spend this time? How does our time use change as we get older and priorities shift?

How Much We Work

In our younger years, we have school and more important things to do, but then we get older and there are bills to pay.

Who is Sleeping, by Age and Time

Sleepy time varies as responsibilities shift.

Sleep Hours and Feeling Rested

Two-thirds of adults get at least 7 hours of sleep. I am not in that two-thirds.

Ages of the People We Marry

Variation kicks in when you look at the later years, consider multiple marriages, divorce, separation, and opposite-sex versus same-sex relationships. This chart breaks it all down.

When Your Vision and Hearing Decline with Age

Find out when it's your time for the glasses and hearing aid. Time is undefeated.

Common Age Differences, Married Couples

How common are wide age gaps between spouses? These are the age differences through the lens of the 2022 five-year American Community Survey.

McDonald’s Locations vs. Golf Courses

There are thousands of McDonald's locations, but there are still more golf courses in the United States. This seems surprising, but some maps make it clear.

Feeling Rested with Age

How much you sleep each night matters, but more importantly, it's about the quality and if you feel rested when you wake up.

Race and Occupation

Asian workers are more than three times more likely to be physicians. What other jobs jump out? What's it like for other races and ethnicity?

When and How Many Super Bowl Wins, by Team

How does the modern Kansas City Chiefs compare to teams who won previous Super Bowls over the past 58 years?

Commonness of Races in Different Occupations

Some occupations are more race-dominant than others. This is the percentage of employed persons 16 years and older who are a given race or ethnicity for each.

Common Millionaire Household

The status of seven figures is maybe not as rare as it seems.