Network Graph

Nodes and edges show connections, typically positioned to show strength of relationships.

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All the Household Types in the U.S.

No need to restrict ourselves to the most common types. There are thousands. Let's look at all of them.

When Americans Are Happiest

What people are doing when they are happy and not, from age 20 to 70.

History of wars and power in Europe, animated from 1500 to present is a multiplayer game where people control cells in a Petri dish-type…

Chartball is sports data visualized in a playful way

With Chartball, Andrew Garcia Phillips has visualized sports data for a while, publishing…

Network for Marvel Cinematic Universe

With a fun view of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tristan Guillevin walks through…

Income ladder for the children of immigrants

You’ve probably seen the moving bubbles that show how something changes over time.…

How Much Time We Spend Alone and With Others

Oftentimes what we're doing isn't so important as who we're spending our time with.

Russian gas supplies in Europe

For Reuters, Prasanta Kumar Dutta, Samuel Granados and Michael Ovaska detail Europe’s dependence…

Bubble tea combinations, a visual breakdown

Walk into a boba shop and usually you’ll see a large menu that…

Simulating how just a little gender bias in the workplace can lead to big effects up the chain

Yuhao Du, Jessica Nordell, and Kenneth Joseph used simulations to study the effects…

Unemployment and Occupation

Unemployment has hit some industries more than others. Here's how the most recent estimates compare against last year's.

Racial Divide

It's hard to think of much else. These maps show the racial divide between black and white people in major cities.

Anatomy of an outbreak

For Reuters, Manas Sharma and Simon Scarr animated a coronavirus outbreak in Singapore…

UK government org charts

When I think government structure, I tend to think in general overviews where…

School diversity visualized with moving bubbles

The Washington Post visualized 13,000 school districts to show the change in diversity…

The Stages of Relationships, Distributed

Everyone's relationship timeline is a little different. This animation plays out real-life paths to marriage.