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Data is Going to Change How and Where You Drive – Dash GPS Navigation

Dash, an Internet-connected GPS device, is going to change the way you drive by making use of traffic data. Where does the data come from?…

Six Years of Piracy Data Available for Download – Shiver Me Timbers

I stumbled across this dataset covering piracy of Oscar-nominated films over the last 6 years and a short analysis. Despite the Academy's efforts to crack…

10 Largest Data Breaches Since 2000 – Millions Affected

In light of the MySpace photo breach (due to their negligence) a couple of months ago, I got to wondering about other recent data breaches.…

A World of Information – United Nations Data Just Became Accessible

For our Humanflows project, we used the United Nations Common Database for our demographic numbers. Anyone who has used the common database knows that it's…

Estimate Financial Impact of Risk and Uncertainty for a Living

I stumbled across a data table from the Social Security Administration that shows the probability of death. It's an actuarial life table estimating the probability…

Rambo Kill Counts From Parts I, II, III, and IV

I don't think I've seen a single Rambo all the way through nor do I remember the premise of any of the movies, but I…

Comparing Roger Clemens to Hall of Fame Pitchers

For fun, I tried graphing Clemens' past ERAs against the ERAs for the 16 most recent hall of fame pitchers.

Speed Dating Data – Attractiveness, Sincerity, Intelligence, Hobbies

What do others look for in the opposite sex? How do you measure up? Find the answers in this speed dating dataset.

Tap Into the Wisdom of Crowds, Make Money by Predicting Future Events

There are two roles at Predictify -- those who answer and those who ask -- and you can do both.

Who’s Going to Win Super Bowl XLII?

Getting ready for the big game with chips in one hand and betting ticket in the other.

Weekend Minis – Government, Environment & Angry Employee

For your long-awaited Super Bowl weekend, shed some light on the government and don't forget to backup your data.

Bad Statistics Leads to Poor Results and a Questionable Trial Verdict

Oxford mathematician, Peter Donnelly gives a TED talk on the common mistakes we make when interpreting Statistics.

Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports is Live

I'm quitting graduate school to become a professional sports betting fanatic.

Walker Tracker – A Community Site for Pedometer Fans

Tracking your foot steps with a pedometer just became social.

Google Decides to Host a Whole Lot of Scientific Data – Palimpsest Project

The Internet giant is set to take on terabytes of scientific data in the very near future.

Iraq Body Count: A Human Security Project

Iraq Body Count keeps track of civilian deaths by cross checking media reports and hospital, morgue, and NGO figures. Along with a widget counter that…

Going Beyond Collaborative Visual Analytics with Statistics

Social data visualization is great, but what if it were coupled with quantitative analysis? Imagine the power.

25 Highest Grossing Films of All Time (Wallpaper)

I love to look at how the current week's movies are doing at the box office. I'm not really sure what it is. I think…

John Tukey and the Beginning of Interactive Graphics

More than 30 years ago, visualization cracked its way into stat.

Using Data to Find Likely Crime Spots

Fighting crime with statistics isn't just for television. Now coming to a real life near you.

Download Detailed Baseball Statistics from the DataBank

Get your free, detailed baseball statistics here, free of charge. Go ahead, have some fun.

Migration/Demographics Database Available for Download

For our humanflows visualization, we used data from the United Nations Common Database and the Migration Information Source. The great thing about these types of…