It’s like a stacked area chart but with a zero-offset to optimize centrality.

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Word cloud + Streamgraph = WordStream

I hear it all the time from chart purists. “I love the streamgraph!”…

Olympic medal tracker

The Bloomberg medal tracker is fun to look at. I think the graphics…

All the matches from Euro 2020 in one chart

To see all the matches from the group stage of Euro 2020 in…

Seat apportionment over time

The 2020 Census count at the state level is set for release this…

Growth of Subreddits

As of September 2018, there were 892 million comments for the year so far, spread out over 355,939 subreddits. Here's how it got to this point, and "what the internet has been talking about" during the past 12 years.

Streamgraph of Olympic medal wins

Gregor Aisch and Larry Buchanan for the New York Times visualized Olympic medal…

Browser Wars – A New Take on Streamgraphs

Because it’s Friday – PixelLabs puts a cartoon-ish spin on streamgraphs. Who will…

Ebb and Flow of Box Office Receipts Over Past 20 Years

The New York Times puts out another good one in this graphic for the talkies.