Grid Map

Instead of using geographic boundaries, same-size cells are used to represent areas to provide equal visual attention to all.

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How to vote in each state

Each state is handling mail-in voting in a certain way with varying timelines…

Where Your Job is Most Popular

Some jobs are common nationwide, because they are needed everywhere. Others are more specific to geography. See where job falls on the spectrum.

Most Uniquely Popular Job in Each State

These are the jobs in each state that are most specific to the place.

Grid map variations

Grid maps are a useful way to show state-level data, as they give…

Working on Tips, by State

What percentage of a waiter and waitress's income comes from tips and what comes from salary? The calculation isn't straightforward but we can try.

Mapping the Spread of Obesity

A look at the rise for each state over three decades, for men and women.

Grid map shows shifting states

You’re likely familiar with the state grid map form used these days. Instead…

The Great Grid Map Debate of 2015

There’s been a sudden bump in grid maps lately taking the place of…