It emphasizes individual points in a distribution instead of binning them like a histogram.

Unemployment and Occupation

Unemployment has hit some industries more than others. Here's how the most recent estimates compare against last year's.

Search trends during the pandemic

As you would imagine, what we search for online shifted over the past…

Salary and Occupation

Salaries vary across occupations. Here are some charts that show by how much for 800 of them.

Differences Between Women and Men’s Everyday with Kids

The day-to-day changes a lot when you have kids. However, it seems to change more for women than it does for men.

Connections and patterns in the Mueller investigation

While we’re on the subject of distributions, Fathom used a collection of beeswarm…

How a meme grew into a campaign slogan

A meme that cried “jobs not mobs” began modestly, but a couple of…

How to Make Better-Looking, More Readable Charts in R

Defaults are generalized settings to work with many datasets. This is fine for analysis, but data graphics for presentation benefit from context-specific design.

Remote Workers vs. Non-Remote Workers

How the schedules between remote and non-remote workers differ during workdays.

A visualization game to understand education and school segregation

Educate Your Child by Gabrielle LaMarr LeMee uses census data and the school…

Switching Jobs

When people move to different jobs, here's where they go.

Statistical diversity in US newsrooms

If a news organization wants to talk about the world in a fair…

How I Made That: Interactive Beeswarm Chart to Compare Distributions

The histogram is my favorite chart type, but it's unintuitive for many. So I've been using the less accurate but less abstract beeswarm.

Most Female and Male Occupations Since 1950

The shifting majorities of the sexes in the workplace.

Divorce and Occupation

Some jobs tend towards higher divorce rates. Some towards lower. Salary also probably plays a role.

Shifting Incomes for Young People

Compare incomes for young people from the Millennial generation and the baby boomer generation.

How to Make Beeswarm Plots in R to Show Distributions

Try the more element-based approach instead of your traditional histogram or boxplot.

Shifting Incomes for American Jobs

For various occupations, the difference between the person who makes the most and the one who makes the least can be significant.