Stacked Area Chart

Place multiple categories on top of each other for a sense of distribution and overall change. Watch out for large counts eclipsing the small ones.

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Existing mortgages with lower rates than new ones

For The Upshot, Emily Badger and Francesca Paris compare the rates of existing…

Billion dollar natural disasters

For Bloomberg, Rachael Dottle and Leslie Kaufman go with the combo stacked area…

NameGrapher to explore past baby name trends

NameGrapher is an interactive chart that lets you explore historical trends for baby…

Reducing the risk of nuclear war

For Our World in Data, Max Roser discusses the risk and possible destruction…

Television Genres Over Time

Here's how the distribution of genres has changed since 1945 up to present.

How Men and Women Spend Their Days

Using an oldie but goodie visualization format to look at time use between different groups.

Black mortality gap

Anna Flagg, for NYT’s The Upshot, used dots arranged as a stacked area…

Weather Strip, an app that shows the forecast as a time series

Weather Strip is a new weather app by visualization researcher Robin Stewart. It…

Evolution of coronavirus strains

Reuters looked at how seven main strains of the virus evolved around the…

Timeline of the President’s taxes

The New York Times got a hold of the President’s tax records for…

Shifts in Job Distribution

In the 1950s, almost half of all employed people were either in farming or manufacturing. As you can imagine, work changed a bit over the years.

Cost of College

We know that more education usually equals more income, but as the cost of education continues to rise, the challenge to earn a college degree also increases.

Where athletes in professional sports come from

Sports are growing more international with respect to the athletes. Gregor Aisch, Kevin…

Percentage of People Who Married, Given Your Age

Or, given your age, the percentage of fish left in the sea. Here's a chart.

Given your income, most beneficial tax breaks

With the release of the Republican proposed tax plan, Reuben Fischer-Baum and Kevin…

Most Female and Male Occupations Since 1950

The shifting majorities of the sexes in the workplace.