Dot Plot

A generalized form of the scatter plot, the dots can be placed in various coordinate systems.

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Common Age Differences, Married Couples

How common are wide age gaps between spouses? These are the age differences through the lens of the 2022 five-year American Community Survey.

Diversity in college admissions without considering race

For NYT’s The Upshot, Aatish Bhatia and Emily Badger model how colleges might…

Common Millionaire Household

The status of seven figures is maybe not as rare as it seems.

Life Expectancy of Pets

When looking into getting a pet, it’s important to consider life expectancy. You probably don’t want to accidentally sign up for a twenty-year commitment with an impulse adoption at the pet store.

Are we back yet?

In 2020, our everyday routines shifted dramatically, but over the past few years, it's felt like things are getting back to where they were. How back are we?

When is Dinner, by State

These are the states that eat dinner the earliest and latest, along with everyone else in between.

Competitive hot dog eating requirements

Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest, so gross to watch but impossible to…

How much AI will affect your job

Research by Edward W. Felten, Manav Raj, and Robert Seamans provides estimates for…

UC admission rates for California public and private high schools

For the San Francisco Chronicle, Nami Sumida shows admission rates at University of…

Shifts in time on the Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock is a metaphorical clock that symbolizes a catastrophic end to…

Happiness and Meaning in What We Do

There are things that make us happy. There are things where we find meaning in the everyday. What are the things that give us both?

Names that are more dog or more human

There appears to be a trend of using human names for pets. Alyssa…

Who pays for Twitter

Twitter Blue is a subscription service from Twitter that primarily provided premium features…

Gas prices and confidence

Everywhere you go, gas prices show up on big boards, like a proxy…

Estimating the condition of the economy

Measuring the condition of the economy is tricky, because there are many parts…

More friendships between rich and poor might mean less poverty

Recently published in Nature, research by Chetty, R., Jackson, M.O., Kuchler, T. et…