Dot Plot

A generalized form of the scatter plot, the dots can be placed in various coordinate systems.

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Commonness of Divorce in America

I wondered how common it is for someone to get a divorce. While I’ve touched on the topic before, I’ve never calculated it directly, so I gave it a go.

U.S. still the outlier for gun homicide rate

This chart from The New York Times, based on estimates from Our World…

A test for a potentially flawed study on randomness and age

In 2017, a study posited that human behavior complexity peaks at age 25…

Age of Moms When Kids are Born

It's a wide range, based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

What People Spend Most of Their Money On, By Income Group, Relatively Speaking

More money on average means bigger houses, more expensive cars, and fancier restaurants. But what if you look at relative spending instead of total dollars?

Increased maternal death in the United States

While still relatively rare, maternal mortality in the United States increased over the…

Possible cheating seen in a scatterplot

When plotting Russian election results, a structured grid patterns appear. From The Economist:…

Comparing abortion limits in the U.S. against other countries

The Washington Post, in an effort that I’m sure took more energy and…

Age and Occupation

Whether it’s because of experience, physical ability, or education level, some jobs tend towards a certain age of worker more than others.

Black mortality gap

Anna Flagg, for NYT’s The Upshot, used dots arranged as a stacked area…

How Much More Time We Spent at Home

We had to do more from home. Here's how much everything shifted by total minutes in a day.

Falling spin rates in baseball after rule enforcement

NYT’s The Upshot analyzed spin rate on pitches before and after enforcing a…

Historical context for the heat in the Pacific Northwest

It’s been hot in the Pacific Northwest the past few days. NYT’s The…

Most common professional marriages

Susie Neilson for the San Francisco Chronicle compared the marriage of professions in…

Varying demographics within the Asian American population

We often hear about the Asian American community as one big group of…

Divorce Rates and Income

Divorce rates are tied to job security, age, and occupation, so it should make sense that we see a pattern when we plot divorce rates against income.