Showing the stories in data through statistics, design, aesthetics, and code.

Evolving LEGO color palette

DaveE from the Brickset Forum was curious about the changing LEGO color palette, so he looked at newly released bricks over the years and charted the color results. I would’ve…

Water scroller

Here’s a nice scroller from Katie Park for the Washington Post. It shows dwindling water levels in major reservoirs in California. At its core, there’s only a handful of data…

Value of body parts for injured workers

A detailed look at the state where companies can write their own workers' compensation plans.

Monopoly pieces to show presidential funding

According to the New York Times, 158 families funded about half of the presidential campaigns so far. With great effect, the Times used Monopoly house and hotel pieces to show…

A timeline of history

“I wish there was a timeline browser for all the historical events documented on Wikipedia, from the Big Bang up to present,” you thought to yourself. Well look no more.…

Network Effect overwhelms with data

Network Effect by Jonathan Harris and Greg Hochmuth is a gathering of the emotions, non-emotion, and everyday-ness of life online. It hits you all at once and overwhelms your senses.…

Superhero HR dashboard

Talent Lab is an application for human resource professionals to evaluate a work force. (I’m going to pretend that sentence didn’t make me feel slightly dirty.) To demonstrate, they put…

Human side of executions

On one side, a person is scheduled to die. On the other, the person did horrible things. It's complex.

Imagining alternative iPhone power sources

Lithium-ion batteries power the iPhone (among other things), but what if we could use a different power source like coal or diesel? With some back-of-the-napkin math, Jon Keegan for the…

London Underground rent map

In a straightforward map, Jason Allen for Thrillist replaced station names on the London Tube map with median rent prices for a one-bedroom apartment in the area. I’m sure someone…

Cost of mobile ads to the consumer

The ethics and future of ads to keep sites running is still up in the air. But one thing’s for sure: Ads and their trackers take up a lot of…

Scale model of the Solar System

In most depictions of the Solar System, planets are drawn big enough to show details and placed side-by-side to show order. The scale of the planets and the space in…

Fun in exchange for personal data

Sensible Data by Martin Hertig is an installation that asks what personal data is worth to you. Using a photo of you and an email, it gives you a self-portrait…

What probability means in different fields

Statistically, probability ranges from 0 to 1 — impossible to definitely without a doubt. Math with Bad Drawings characterized what those values mean in various fields of expertise. This amuses…

Classic 1939 book on graphs in its entirety

Willard Cope Brinton is credited as one of the pioneers of information visualization, and I just found out his 1939 book Graphic Presentation is available in its entirety at the…

Interactive explanation for how neurons work

Nicky Case made an interactive explanation of how neurons work. It’s part narrated video and part game. But the most important concept I wanted to introduce here was exposure therapy,…

Gravity visualized in physics demo

Properties of time and space using marbles and two large pieces of spandex sewn together in a classroom demonstration.

Power sources in each state

A clean and simple set of slope charts to show the change between 2000 and 2014.

City layouts in 3-D

They look like little cardboard cutouts.

Pascal’s triangle, not just a stack of numbers


Death in Syria counted

In a striking representation by the New York Times, a dot represents each life lost.

Automatic charts and insights in Google Sheets

So you have your data neat and tidy in a single spreadsheet, and it’s finally time to explore. There’s a problem though. Maybe you don’t know what to look for…

Way more trees than previously thought, new estimates show

There are a lot of trees on this planet.

Searching for stock market spoofers

A stepper from Bloomberg that explains how spoofers put in fake orders to game the market.

Maps to understand tennis

Damien Saunder, a cartographer at ESRI, likes to use mapping methods to evaluate tennis player patterns and tendencies. When I look at tennis, I see it moving on a grid.…

Weevmee: Your Instagram photos turned artistic images

Weevmee autogenrates a woven-like image, based on your Instagram photos. A lot of us are pretty into photographing our lives. We can look back at each individual image and it…

Be a tennis line judge: Interactive tests your skills

Watch video clips from the judge's point of view and try to make the call.

Immigrant America

A dot density map showing one dot for every 20 immigrants.

Square mile grid-ness of the United States

Named after the grid system Thomas Jefferson used to apportion land acquired through the Louisiana purchase, the Jefferson Grid Instagram account highlights remnants of the system through satellite shots from…

Minimum Wage Machine pays in pennies

Crank to earn a penny every 4.5 seconds.