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Social Data Analysis

The Current State of Social Data

Check out my guest post on The Guardian's Data Blog on the current state of social data applications. There are what seems like a ton of them but none of…

3 Applications that Tap Into the Wisdom of Crowds

James Surowiecki writes in The Wisdom of Crowds that the group is smarter than the individual (under four conditions). Essentially, the premise is that if you get enough different people…

Tap Into the Wisdom of Crowds, Make Money by Predicting Future Events

There are two roles at Predictify -- those who answer and those who ask -- and you can do both.

Going Beyond Collaborative Visual Analytics with Statistics

Social data visualization is great, but what if it were coupled with quantitative analysis? Imagine the power.

Sharing Personal Data to Push Social Data Analysis

I'm staying in a hostel here in Madrid and am currently in the "Internet Room." I'm on my laptop, but there are six desktop computers in front of me, all…

Social Data Analysis by the Swarm

Swarm Theory, by Peter Miller, talks about how some animals, as individuals, aren't smart, but as a group or a swarm, they can do amazing things. The above is a…