Unit Chart

A symbol is used for each unit to place emphasis on individuals or objects.

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How Much More Time We Spent at Home

We had to do more from home. Here's how much everything shifted by total minutes in a day.

Multiracial people counted in the census

Using unit charts, NPR shows the number of people who identify with each…

Stephen Curry’s record-setting month for shooting threes

Steph Curry has been on a tear as of late. In April he…

Domestic terrorism incidents plotted over time

The Washington Post (paywall) shows the recent rise in domestic terrorism incidents in…

Analysis of color names used with makeup

For The Pudding, Ofunne Amaka and Amber Thomas looked at shades, words, and…

Age generations in the U.S. Senate, over time

With this straightforward unit chart, wcd.fyi shows which generation each Senate member belonged…

Votes that won the presidency

Voter turnout this election was higher than it’s been in a long time,…

Who Makes More Money

Someone mentioned that $400,000+ per year was commonplace in American households. That seemed like an odd comment.

Millions of people experienced unhealthy air in 2020

NPR estimated how many people have experienced unhealthy air this year, largely in…

Redefining Old Age

What is old? When it comes to subjects like health care and retirement, we often think of old in fixed terms. But as people live longer, it's worth changing the definition.

Best Directors Who Were Not White Men

From 1928, the year of the first Academy Awards, to 2019, there have been 455 nominations for Best Director. Of those, 18 of them went to non-white men.

Scale of Australia bushfires shown with unit charts

Outside of Australia, it can be a challenge to get a grasp of…

Why People Move

Here are the estimates from the Current Population Survey for the most recent time segment between 2017 and 2018.

Ages in Congress, from the 1st to the 115th

As I watched Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai field questions from the House Judiciary…

One Drink Per Day, Your Chances of Developing an Alcohol-Related Condition

While a drink a day might increase your risk of experiencing an alcohol-related condition, the change is low in absolute numbers.

How Different Income Groups Spend Money

After living expenses, where does the money go, and how does it change when you have more cash available?