Bar Chart

The old standby. The classic. The bar height or length represents data. The baseline starts at zero.

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Feeling Rested with Age

How much you sleep each night matters, but more importantly, it's about the quality and if you feel rested when you wake up.

Commonness of Races in Different Occupations

Some occupations are more race-dominant than others. This is the percentage of employed persons 16 years and older who are a given race or ethnicity for each.

Young Money

We often associate high income with older people, but young people can also earn higher incomes. Let's see what those people studied and what they do for a living.

Attitudes towards tipping in the U.S.

Tipping seems to be in a confusing spot right now. On the one…

Jobs with Higher Income and Fewer Hours

So people earn a six-figure income without working all the time. What do they do?

Billion dollar natural disasters

For Bloomberg, Rachael Dottle and Leslie Kaufman go with the combo stacked area…

Oldest and Youngest, by State

States aren't uniformly young and old. Well, other than Maine. This is the breakdown by age group and regions.

Renting vs. Owning a Home, by State

Among households in the United States, 68% are owned and 32% are rented, based on estimates from the American Community Survey in 2021. That breakdown isn't uniform across the country though.

Best Possible Life More Common with Age

Maybe your best possible life is ahead of you.

Income Sources

Most people have a job and receive wages in return, but that starts to change when you get into the higher income groups.

Excess Kia and Hyundai car thefts

In the middle of 2022, a popular video on TikTok, since taken down,…

Why South Koreans grew taller so quickly

As a world population, we’re growing taller, but South Koreans seemed to grow…

Southwest flight cancellations

There were a lot of flight cancellations this week, but Southwest Airlines is…

One home’s blackouts in Kyiv

Volodymyr Agafonkin and his family live in Kyiv, Ukraine. He visualized when the…

Gifts my true love gave to me over the 12 days of Christmas

From Reddit user neilrkaye. This is very important.…

Where We Find Meaning in the Everyday

Meaningfulness scores from the American Time Use Survey provide a hint of what we value.