Frequency Trails

Area or line chart value axes overlap to fit more in a space and add another visual aspect to the magnitude of peaks. Also known as: ridgeline chart, joyplot.

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Frequency trails in the snow

Same vibes — Matt Blackwell (@matt_blackwell) February 7, 2022 This is a…

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Draw a ridgeline map showing elevation, for anywhere on Earth

Ridgeline charts or frequency trails use parallel lines that overlap on the fluctuations,…

When People Find a New Job

Looking at the 100 most common jobs people switched to, a timeline comes into view when we adjust the relative switch rates by age.

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As of September 2018, there were 892 million comments for the year so far, spread out over 355,939 subreddits. Here's how it got to this point, and "what the internet has been talking about" during the past 12 years.

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Frequency trails chart explainer

Frequency trails, or currently better known as joyplots, is a visualization method to…

Peak times for leisure and sports

The American Time Use Survey asks people what they do during the day.…