Bubble Chart

Points are placed like in a scatter plot, but they are sized based on the square root of data values.

Occupation Matchmaker

This is who marries whom, based on what one does for a living.

Married People Have More Sex

The relationship and dynamics change. Less lust, more companionship. Is that really how it works?

Floaty bubble charts with d3.js

D3.js, or Data-Driven Documents, version 4.0 was released a few months ago, so…

Working Parents

Here are the mothers and fathers who work like you.

Explorations of People Movements

A new data source gave rise to a different set of visualization projects. We see people.

Color names plotted against gender

A couple of years ago, xkcd ran a survey that asked people to…

Words used at the National Conventions

The elections season is in full swing, and the New York Times graphics…

The Joy of Stats with Hans Rosling

The Joy of Stats, a one-hour documentary, hosted by none other than the…

How to Make Bubble Charts

Ever since Hans Rosling presented a motion chart to tell his story of the wealth and health of nations, there has been an affinity for proportional bubbles on an x-y axis. This tutorial is for the static version of the motion chart: the bubble chart.