Step Chart

It works like a line chart, but the values change immediately at the x-coordinate instead of with a slope.

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Rise of Caitlin Clark, scoring machine

Caitlin Clark, a basketball guard for the University of Iowa, has been steadily…

Congress still getting older

For FiveThirtyEight, Geoffrey Skelley digs into the ongoing trend: What’s behind these increasingly…

Changing Fed projections

This clever chart by Lazaro Gamio shows changing interest rates set by the…

Serena Williams’ career rankings

Serena Williams announced her retirement from professional tennis. As is required for any…

Timelines for record temperatures

Speaking of the heat wave in Europe, Pierre Breteau for Le Monde charted…

Tooth Fairy Exchange Rate

Calculating how much money a kid gets after exchanging all twenty baby teeth.

Finding the New Age, for Your Age

You've probably heard the lines about how "40 is the new 30" or "30 is the new 20." What is this based on? I tried to solve the problem using life expectancy data. Your age is the new age.

Bitcoin scam, Twitter hacked

Twitter was hacked yesterday. Over a few hours, prominent accounts were tweeting that…

Billions at the Franchise Box Office

There's big money in wizarding worlds, galaxies far away, and various time-shifted universes. Let's take a stroll through the billions of dollars earned by franchises over the years.

Stephen Curry 3-point record ridiculousness

Stephen Curry made 402 three-pointers this regular season, which is ridiculous. Gregor Aisch…

Why I Want to Quit Cable

There are good reasons to cancel cable, but there were a few channels and programs that kept me on. When you look at it in dollars though, it's hard to justify the value for the cost.