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Chernoff Faces to Display Baseball Managers From 2007 MLB Season

Check out this lovely use of Chernoff Faces by Steve Wang of Swarthmore…

21 (Eco)Visualizations for Energy Consumption Awareness

Eco-visualization creates awareness of energy - something that we cannot see, but use a whole lot of.

World Internet City-to-City Connections and Density Maps

Chris Harrison put together a series of Internet maps that show how cities…

What Interests Do Your Facebook Friends Have in Common?

Nexus, by Ivan Kozik, lets you explore your Facebook social network and find…

A Little Bit of Design Goes a Long Way With Infographics

If I’ve learned anything about designing information graphics, it’s that attention to detail…

Is the New Google Visualization API Going to Limit Our Data Imagination?

Google recently released a visualization API that allows you to share embeddable visualization…

21 Ways to Visualize and Explore Your Email Inbox

Can we somehow tell a meaningful story with the thousands of emails we've sent, received, and deleted?

Interact With the Atlas of Electromagnetic Space

Jose Luis Vicente and Irma Vilà, in collaboration with Bestiario, have created…

17 Ways to Visualize the Twitter Universe

I just created a new Twitter account, and it got me to thinking…

A World of Information in Data-driven Art – Not Your Grandma’s Dashboard

Wired Magazine recently did a feature on data-driven art. The above image is…

4 Data Visualizations That Inspired Me to Learn More

There was a time I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but since I saw these data visualization pieces, I haven't looked back.

Area Codes in Which Ludacris Claims to Have Hoes

I thought this map was amusing. As you can see, Mr. Bridges prefers…

Weekend Minis – Globes, Maps, and Job Opportunity

New York Talk Exchange – Illustrates the global exchange of information in real…

Explore Your Tags and Bookmarks On 6pli

Santiago, who I met at the Visualizar workshop, forwarded me his work on…

Hope Floats in Online Dating – I Want You to Want Me By Harris and Kamvar

Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar collaborated again in their featured piece at New…

Can We Improve this Graphic Showing History of Bipartisan Senate?

Some thoughts on what I think would make this graphic on the U.S. senate's history of bipartisan politics a bit more useful.

Visual Website Analytics in Video Game Format

How can we use gaming to improve current data visualization techniques?

IBM Visual Communications Lab and Stamen Design Are at the NYC MoMA

Congratulations to two of my most favorite visualization / design groups – IBM…

Ebb and Flow of Box Office Receipts Over Past 20 Years

The New York Times puts out another good one in this graphic for the talkies.

What Impact Does Our Country Have on Climate Change?

BreathingEarth is an animated map that represents death rate data from September 2005…

Is an Animated Transition From a Scatter Plot to a Bar Graph Effective?

Jeffrey Heer and George G. Robertson investigate the benefits of using animation in statistical graphics.

Mapping Manhattan’s Skyscraper Districts Through Time

Manhattan Timeformations looks like a series of interactive schematics from a video game,…

Spamology From Visualizar is Available for Exploration

This spam visualization, by Irad Lee, was one of favorite projects at Visualizar.

Weekend Minis – Design Paradigms, Colbert Bump, and Bullet Graphs

For your long, relaxing weekend, enjoy some visualization treats.

NSF Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

Achieve international glory with your scientific visualization submission.

Visualization of Smiling Faces – Microsoft Live / Operation Smile

Think lots and lots of happy thoughts.

Weekend Minis – Maps, Motion & Resources

For relaxing and lazy weekend, have some fun with GPS and a fat list of visualization resources.

Books that Make You Dumb (Not Really)

Linking of low (and high) SAT scores and favorite books from Facebook.

6 Influential Datasets That Changed the Way We Think

They all revealed something we otherwise would not have seen. What data has influenced you lately?

How a Trip to the Dentist Got Me Thinking About Open Data

When you're given bad information, it's hard not to feel cheated. Here's what happened to me.