Results of a restless mind late at night.

United States Poverty Rates From 1980 to 2007

Thousands of bloggers are taking the time to discuss a single topic today – poverty. As we sit in our cozy homes, go out to eat, watch movies, or simply…

How to Create a Real-Time Web Traffic Map for Your Site

I just released Visitr. Now you can create a real-time web traffic visualization for your own site or blog.

Watch the Rise of Gasoline Retail Prices, 1993 – 2008

"What do the data look like for gasoline prices?" The prices go up, then down, then up, down, up...

Watching Our Twitter World – twittervision Redux

See what people are tweeting around the world 24/7. What are you doing right now?

Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America, Interactive Edition

The animated map starts slow with the first location in Arkansas in 1962 and then spreads like a wildfire. When did your nearest Walmart open?

What Do People Want to Do With Their Lives?

43 Things is a goal-setting community where people set goals, cheer each other on, and connect with others who are trying to achieve the same thing. Even if you’re not…

10 Largest Data Breaches Since 2000 – Millions Affected

In light of the MySpace photo breach (due to their negligence) a couple of months ago, I got to wondering about other recent data breaches. It turns out keeps…

Human Flows Protoype is Online Now

I made a few tweaks and our humanflows visualization prototypes are now online. There’s a bit of information on how humanflows came about, who was involved, and a day-by-day recap…