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Income Sources

Most people have a job and receive wages in return, but that starts to change when you get into the higher income groups.

Single Parents

In the 1950s, less than 10% of families with children were single-parent. In 2022, among families with children, 31% were single-parent — more than three times as common.

More Dual Income, No Kids

People are waiting longer to have kids or not having kids at all, which leads to more dual income households with no kids.

Bank Failures in the United States, Since 2001

These are all the failures since 2001, scaled by amount of assets in 2023 dollars.

Multiple Income Households

Here's household income by number of earners in the household, based on data from the 2022 Current Population Survey.

Wealthy Percentiles Rising

The rich continue to get richer, and everyone else either only kind of earns more or stays where they're at.

Growth of Target, an Animated Map

Watch the growth strategy behind Target stores, starting with the first location in 1962 in Minnesota.

Where Else You Can Work

If you're searching for a new job, it's worth looking in different industries instead of doing more of the same elsewhere.

Mixed Feelings of Happiness and Meaning

Happiness and meaning do not always travel together. Sometimes we need to pursue meaning without the happiness, and vice versa.

Happiness and Meaning in What We Do

There are things that make us happy. There are things where we find meaning in the everyday. What are the things that give us both?

When Americans Are Happiest

What people are doing when they are happy and not, from age 20 to 70.

Life Satisfaction and Age

These life satisfaction scores might make you want to rethink life.

Feelings at Work

We spend a lot of time working. It seems worth thinking about how we feel during all those hours.

Where We Find Meaning in the Everyday

Meaningfulness scores from the American Time Use Survey provide a hint of what we value.

Pizza Exchange Rate

This is a story about pizza, geometry, and making sure you get what you paid for.