In land of YouTube dislikes, Justin Bieber rules

Happy Friday, everyone. If you’ll allow me, I’d like to take a moment to talk about something serious.

In a move I believe is best for everyone (but mostly me), I am switching gears to only cover facets of pop culture and toilet humor. I will also be switching focus to online education. It’s come to my attention that this is a lucrative area, and leveraging my authority on information and data graphics, I believe I can become a rich man and retire by age thirty, quite possibly making four figures even sooner.

Yes, there are other types of data in the world, perhaps more serious, interesting, and worth knowing, but the Web is not for serious or sad things. The Web is a place of free-flowing ideas (therefore this site’s name) that revolve around things that matter to today’s youth such as Justin Bieber and his new haircut. Case in point: the nearing shut down of

Most of you are probably not even reading this since there are several pictures of the teen dream above. Plus there are quite a few words here. Lengthy.

The above graphic is my first step towards my goal. With data courtesy of ReadWriteWeb, you can see the top ten videos with the most dislikes on YouTube. Some videos, like Friday from Rebecca Black, are hated by many, while other videos simply have a ton of views, and there’s no way to please everyone.

This brings up another point. I know that many of you will be displeased with my choice like when I quit data altogether, but again, I do believe this is for the best. When you have a dream, you have to go for it, or you’ll end up wondering “what if…?” and that is no way to live, my friend.

And so one chapter ends and a new one begins in the book of Nathan. Today, April 1, will forever be known (to me) as the day I changed my life. I hope you’ll join me in this journey, but if not, please still tell your friends to visit FlowingData for all their online education needs. Thanks.


  • Visually I think this could be improved if the circle lines around the pictures were thicker, in order to make them more visible. I also miss having the percentage of dislikes/likes near the circular graphic, to help assessing the actual percentage,as the circular graphic itself doesn’t provide a very specific reading. It would also be cool to see the percentage of both likes and dislikes against the total views, even though not everyone who views the videos votes.
    I agree with all the dislikes apart from “Evolution of Dance” and “Chocolate Rain” :)

  • Interesting I’m not sure this is the best time to do something like this as Friday overtook Baby on March 29th at 10:27 ET, now its well out in front. The point the lead changed hands was 1,1156,090. It will be sometime though before Bieber’s cumulative dislike total is beaten.

  • I like your new direction, but these graphs would “pop” more if they were pie charts, preferably with 3D rotation and drop shadows. That’s how I’m trying to generate more traffic to my site. 3D Pie charts, baby, that’s where the $$$ is!

    On the other hand, maybe you should think about this change for one day? You might feel differently about it tomorrow.

  • We at ReadWriteWeb fully support this move of yours (never liked those stuffy old visuals of other data anyway!) but we would like to ask that you please maintain a premium on currency. Rebecca Black has indeed passed Bieber days ago. For your tardiness on the matter I think you should punish yourself by listening to Black’s hit song Friday exclusively on this happy holiday!

    • This new beginning is off to a rough start. Maybe I should stick to timeless toilet humor exclusively. Regardless, I’ve got Black’s video on repeat, because, well, I love it.

  • Nice one Nathan! Happy April 1st to you too! ;-)

  • As a followup to this one, graph the number of dislikes over likes for the average youtube user (or even for Justin Bieber’s audience). I’d bet that most of the haters never end up liking anything, much akin to that fading fad of calling “fail” just to elevate the self-imposed status of the person doing the judging, but not actually contributing anything useful to the grand scheme of society.

  • I do hope this is April Fools…

  • Kenny Williams April 2, 2011 at 9:26 am


    Please read my modest Poetic Plea entitled:

    “My Clarion Call Regarding Your APRIL 1st Fall”

    Please don’t go….say it ain’t so….
    If only you will…continue treating us with the data flowing thrill!

    Must you wrench our souls and cognitions with this plan?
    Nathan, this will do nothing but reduce you and your readership to “Bieber-land!”

    INDEED, this is the most tortuous Friday of all…
    Yet, at this moment your Flowing Data readership remains steadfast and TALL!

    Reducing one’s passion to Toliet-Humor and On-line education could never totally fulfill…
    the intellect, the desire, and “the Zietgeist” of the Nathan we need still!

    Please don’t go….say it ain’t so….
    If only you will…continue treating us with the erudition found inside the Data Flowing Thrill!

    Signed a Concerned Readership…
    (Happy April 1st back at Ya!”)

  • In this case, which video has the highest likes and lowest dislikes? those might be considered as “liked by everybody”

  • i bet the number would be doubled if all viewers knew about dislike button

  • i am proud be amongst the million dislikes rebecca black’s video got

  • Rebecca explose tout maintenant, son compteur de j’aime pas est à 1 700 000 !

  • Justin Bieber Somebody To Love Remix ft. Usher has 25,1411 likes. #typo

  • yeah, but whose video has got the most asinine comments made by illiterate, hateful morons? that’s what i want to know ;)

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