Variable Width Bar Chart

The vertical height is the same as a regular bar chart. The widths of bars show another dimension for each category. The two dimensions multiplied, area, should mean something.

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Sleep Hours and Feeling Rested

Two-thirds of adults get at least 7 hours of sleep. I am not in that two-thirds.

Young Money

We often associate high income with older people, but young people can also earn higher incomes. Let's see what those people studied and what they do for a living.

Jobs with Higher Income and Fewer Hours

So people earn a six-figure income without working all the time. What do they do?

Income Sources

Most people have a job and receive wages in return, but that starts to change when you get into the higher income groups.

Where We Find Meaning in the Everyday

Meaningfulness scores from the American Time Use Survey provide a hint of what we value.

Gaps between mortality rates for black and white Americans

For NYT Opinion, Gus Wezerek charted the gaps between white and black mortality…

Electricity sources by state

With Joe Biden calling for 100% clean electricity, John Muyskens and Juliet Eilperin…

Remote work and industry

Some industries are more compatible with remote work than others. Jonathan I. Dingel…

Reviving the Statistical Atlas of the United States with New Data

Due to budget cuts, there is no plan for an updated atlas. So I recreated the original 1870 Atlas using today's publicly available data.

What America spends on food and drink

How much more (or less) money do you spend on groceries than you do on dining out? Bundle, a new online destination that aims to describe how we spend money, takes a look at the grocery-dining out breakdown in major cities.