Glyph Chart

Symbols are used and various dimensions represent different variables in a dataset.

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Tree rings to compare life expectancy in your state

The Washington Post goes with a tree ring metaphor to compare life expectancy…

Where Else You Can Work

If you're searching for a new job, it's worth looking in different industries instead of doing more of the same elsewhere.

Scale of one million deaths

The United States is about to reach one million confirmed Covid deaths, or…

Percentage breakdowns of pandemic life

To broadly show how people have lived in the U.S. during these past…

Oldest, Youngest, and Middle Children, in Differently Sized U.S. Households

I looked at the percentages of people with a given number of kids in the family and the order they were born.

A Diagram of All the Batteries

After an unsuccessful battery search, the natural next step was of course to look up battery sizes and chart all of them.

Charting all the major California wildfires since 2000

Based on data from CAL FIRE, Erin Ross, for Axios, plotted California wildfires…

Chernoff emoji

Lazaro Gamio for Axios used Chernoff Faces that look like emojis. This visualization…