Most Common Jobs, by Income Group

What jobs typically pay over $200,000 in annual salary? What about jobs that pay at least six-figure incomes? These are income ranges for the ten most common jobs at different income levels.

Common jobs in income groups  

Circles are positioned by median income and are sized by number of employees in the United States in 2022. The 25th to 75th percentile range is shown for each occupation. Color represents industry.

Physician is the most common way to make a high income, with the exception of airline pilots and nurse anesthetists. In the $100k to $199k bracket, there are a lot of managers and software developers. Then you see teachers, followed by administrative and service workers.


The 2022 estimates come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which caps annual salary data at $239,200 for privacy reasons.

See here for more job incomes (based on 2019 estimates).

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