Local neighborhood infographics

Good Mag put on an infographic contest not too long ago that asked people to design around the idea of neighborhood. Any neighborhood would do, just as long the focus was on local. As you might expect, most of the entries were more design than data, but hey, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking at.

The winning graphic (above) came from 2&21, focused on bicycling in Minneapolis. Five unicycle sightings and two gigantic-front-wheel sightings. Really? I haven’t seen any of that since undergrad at Berkeley.

Jenny Wang took a look at the black/white divide in Baltimore.

Shane Keaney did some back-of-the-napkin math and concluded that if we (Americans) all lived in the same people density as that of Brooklyn, we’d all fit in New Hampshire. Let’s do it. There would be so much more space for the buffalo to roam and for the deer and the antelope to play.

I wonder if Everyblock will ever literally expand to every block…


  • Yeah, we could all live in New Hampshire, but with that density rate, I don’t think anyone would be comfortable. I did some rough estimates a while back on whether the US could fit into Texas, and what I found was that there was enough arable land for each man, woman, and child to each have ~10,000 sq. ft. of land.

    We can all be neighbors, but I wouldn’t particularly want to be too cramped.

  • Ugh, the winning design is, IMHO, not good at all – why did they orient some items one way and some the other. Given that most people will read this on a screen, it’s really uncomfortable to read most of it.

    Great to see there’s so many Xtracycle/Big Dummy sighting in Minneapolis (that’s the big cargo bike – 85 sightings!). No breakdown for number of singlespeeds/fixed wheels (this is the home of Surly bikes, so there should be loads!)

  • I just moved to Minneapolis and 2 days ago I saw a guy riding a gigantic front wheel bike down a main street! I’m glad to see I’m not crazy!