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Spamology From Visualizar is Available for Exploration

This spam visualization, by Irad Lee, was one of favorite projects at Visualizar.

Weekend Minis – Design Paradigms, Colbert Bump, and Bullet Graphs

For your long, relaxing weekend, enjoy some visualization treats.

NSF Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

Achieve international glory with your scientific visualization submission.

Visualization of Smiling Faces – Microsoft Live / Operation Smile

Think lots and lots of happy thoughts.

Weekend Minis – Maps, Motion & Resources

For relaxing and lazy weekend, have some fun with GPS and a fat list of visualization resources.

Books that Make You Dumb (Not Really)

Linking of low (and high) SAT scores and favorite books from Facebook.

6 Influential Datasets That Changed the Way We Think

They all revealed something we otherwise would not have seen. What data has influenced you lately?

How a Trip to the Dentist Got Me Thinking About Open Data

When you're given bad information, it's hard not to feel cheated. Here's what happened to me.

Mapping Google Access Data from (suit)men

A very pink map displaying real-time data shows us that maps can be entertaining.

A Primer on Information and Data Visualization

There's a nice data visualization 101-type post over at We Make Money Not Art.

New Hampshire Graphic from The Times

This graphic is from The New York Times graphics department. It matches the FlowingData colors. That is all. Oh, and it's excellent, but that's a…

8 Reasons Why I Do Not Like Data360

Data360, the online social data application, clearly doesn't compare against similar sites like Many Eyes and Swivel. Data360 is clunky, difficult to use, confusing, and undeveloped.

Sit Back and Relax with Casual Information Visualization

Zachary Pousman et al. write in their paper Casual Information Visualization: Depictions of Data in Everyday Life Information visualization has often focused on providing deep…

Names Mentioned in Debates by Major Presidential Candidates

As usual, The New York Times graphics department churns out another useful graphic. This time it's in network diagram form.

Man Takes a Picture of Himself Every Day for 6 Years

Noah Kalina took a picture of himself every day for six years (and still going); above is all of the pictures put together into a…

One Day in the Life of the Average American

Time Magazine's multimedia section has a fun, little piece showing some statistics for a day in the life of the average American. There's some mapping…

Three Designers, a Statistician, and Migration Inflows Data

After two weeks at Visualizar, I'm back in the United States. It's good to be back. I don't know how many people know this (because…

San Francisco Police Department Incident Reporting and Analysis Tool

I came across the San Francisco Police Department Incident and Reporting Tool, and at first glance it looked like Oakland Crimespotting with the map and…

News Flowing Through Moveable Type at The New York Times Building

Every day during the summer I walked past "Moveable Type" in The New York Times lobby. Since my adviser was one of the people working…

Many Eyes Now Has Better Mapping Visualization

Many Eyes now has more detailed mapping functionality with the help of ESRI data. It was really only a matter of time before this happened.…

US Demographics Visualizer Using Virtual Earth

While on the topic of maps here's a Microsoft Virtual Earth mashup -- US Demographics Visualizer. It allows the user to map US census data…

Watch the Money Clock to See What You’ve Earned

Despite being surrounded with ads, this money clock was kind of, um, interesting. Put in how much you earn hourly, monthly, or annually, and it…