Highs and Lows of Being a Young Man

i-am-bored graphs the horrible to awesome of becoming a man. Growing up ain't easy. So who's going to do the highs and lows of being a young woman?

Have a nice weekend all.


  • Dear Nathan,

    did you see this Soviet graph: http://pics.livejournal.com/geller_bros/pic/0007x0kq/s640x640

    I found it extremely funny. It says:
    Drinking schoolchildren study worse than not drinking schoolchildren.

    And then on two pictures students in red suits get good marks, those in blue – get average marks, students in black get bad marks.

    The illustration was intented to convince soviet students not to drink in schools.

  • I don’t see why a graphic that treats date rape as just a normal coming-of-age thing merits anything other than disgust, let alone the lighthearted treatment you give it here.

    • Great: you equate alcohol with date rape.

      Here’s me doing what you just did:

      So you would prefer to live in a Muslim theocracy in which alcohol is illegal and sex is highly regulated.

      My logical side would argue that both your statement and my statement above are going too far. Note that the graph doesn’t say one should sneak alcohol into girl’s beverages or get them sloppy drunk. It doesn’t even say that one should attempt to influence how much someone else should drink.

      It merely states that there’s happiness on discovering that there’s a correlation between alcohol intake and willingness to participate in sex. Y’know, the same is true for boys: alcohol makes them more willing to initiate sex. But implying that mixing any amount of alcohol and sex equals date rape, that’s pretty messed up in its own way.

  • Neat. Though it’s a tad more relevant to the Western world, isn’t it? If it were about Indian men, there’s be a whole new factor called ‘Mom-realising mom is a different person-realising gf isnt mom-finding a girl who’s like mom-gf and mom hate each other…’ You get the picture.


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