Building statues of hope in augmented reality

Accurat, in partnership with the Google News Initiative, built an augmented reality app to build statues of hope:

We live in a world awash with information. Every time we walk the street holding our phones, every time we perform a research online or buy a product with our credit card data is created and often time communicated to us. How can we make people care about a specific dataset? How can we form our own opinions and points of view on what matters to us? With Building Hopes we wanted people to take a stance on what they are hopeful for, even in a historical moment that many define as hopeless and bleak, and have them look at Google search data through this framework of their own creation.

There’s a web version, but be sure to check out the AR version if you can. You walk around your area picking stones, each representing something to be hopeful for, and the app points to you to statues nearby that others built.