When you go to one of the major sites to look up the weather, it’s often hard to find what you’re looking for. The sites feel dated, there isn’t much hierarchy to the information, and navigation gets buried in the show-as-much-information-as-possible-on-the-same-page approach. Forecast, a site by the makers of the Dark Sky app, hopes to improve that experience during those times you need more than the high and lows for the day from the nearest widget.

When you visit Forecast, you notice a difference right away. There’s a map with local, regional, and global views, the temperature in large print on the right, and there are descriptions about what to expect that are easy to understand.

From there, you get your daily forecasts below the map with details on demand. So you can get a lot of the same information that you get from larger sites, but you don’t get hit with a bunch of data at once, and when you request more information, you get it quickly.

There’s also an API. Forecast and the Dark Sky app both run on it, which is the cherry on top of the goodness.

I usually go to Matthew Ericson’s minimalist weather page when I’m figuring out when to ride my bike or mow the lawn. Forecast might be my new weather destination for a while.


  • Where’s the “feels like” temperature? This is important for places like NYC where the “real” temperature is often wamer/cooler based on the wind chill. Without this, the reported temperature is of much less value to people living in NY.

  • Great site, great app.
    This is what I have been looking for in weather reporting – to the point!

    ‘feels like’ would be a good addition, but knowing how cold it is, and knowing how windy it is are enough info for me to understand it

    I vary rarely pay for iPhone apps…but this $4 well spent.

  • Amazing. This is what we need. Simplify things.

  • This might be because I am an engineer, but I find the presentation of the forecast as a chart with time on the x-axis a lot better than day-by-day lists. And since http://www.weatherspark.com is doing exactly that, they are the only weather site I’ve been using for several years now.

  • For the UK I absolutely adore the new BBC weather website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2643743
    All the info is there at a glance, and no details are lost (plus, the website’s background corresponds to what you’ve got behind your window ;)

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