Best companies to work for and what employees say

Fortune Magazine recently published their annual list of top companies to work for, with SAS, Boston Consulting, and Wegman’s taking the one, two, and three spots, respectively. To accompany the piece, this interactive, produced by Tommy McCall, shows what the employees have to say about their companies.

There are three zoom levels. The first, above, shows the top companies, simply sized by rank. The higher the rank, the larger the bubble, so SAS is obviously the largest. Click on a particular company, and you get a second set of bubbles showing keywords that employees used to describe the job environment. Below is the view for Zappos, my wife’s favorite shoe site. People, culture, and family are clearly emphasized.

Zoom in once more, and you see the actual input from the employees, and how a specific keyword was used. For example: “This company has one main focus — the people.”

Similarly, there’s also a view for the most used words overall, representing what employees think are the most important parts of their companies that make them so good. The top three? People, family, and time.

Good stuff, and obviously great for human resources departments looking to hire top talent.

Do you work for one of the top companies? I’d love to know if you agree with what the graphic shows.

[Fortune | Thanks, Tommy]


  • I work at the company in the first bubble, SAS.

    The interactive graphic is amazing, thank you for sharing. And I will say that I dove down on 6 of the words, and agree wholeheartedly with the statements. Care, Benefit, Life, Family – all true.

    It is truely nice to work for a company that values you as a human being rather than a cog that is easily replaced. Treat your employyes well, and they will treat you well is an unofficial motto here.

    Thanks again for this post. Too cool for the CS geek in me.

  • This is a great tool to help people decide what type of work environment would best suit them. Get this in the hands of career counselors and recruiters.

    Meanwhile, I’d like to see you use this infographic skill on helping citizens understand complex issues – like the budget crisis here in California.

  • The graphic is wonderful and very thought provoking. Congratulations

    Speaking as an employee whose company is loosing talet, wouldn’t it interesting of one could view any company in this way!

    Love the idea of deconstructing public issues this way.

  • What about startup and very small companies – I mean companies that have 0 to 5 employees on a payroll? In my opinion, these are the best companies to work for.

  • What about the “Worst companies to work for”?