United Stats of America series premiere tonight

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The series premiere of United Stats of America (See what they did there?) on History is tonight at 10/9c.

Episodes explore the stats that help us understand how much money we make (and what we spend it on), how long we will live (and how we will die), what we do with our free time (and how to make more of it) and a whole lot more. In one episode, the Sklars explain how the deadliest animal in America is neither the snake nor the shark but rather the deer. In another, viewers learn that Americans waste 4.2 billion hours a year stuck in traffic and that, in a nation with over 3.5 million square miles of territory, 99 percent of us are crowded into only 8 percent of the land.

I watched a couple of clips and got bored quickly as they went through a bunch of numbers. It seems like a rehash of Yahoo and Huffington Post lists with jokes. I’m setting my expectations low, but maybe there’ll be more to it in the full episodes.

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  • I’m waiting for Rosling’s “Joy of Stats” to show in the US.

    • Watched the show for about 20 minutes. BORING! Would have been OK if these two clowns weren’t so obnoxious with their schmuck type of humor. It spoiled the meaning of the show. Sort of reminds me of the first host of America’s Funniest Videos IDIOT Bob Saget who was the only one who laughed at his satire and comments. STATS should only last another two or three episodes. However, thanks HISTORY CHANNEL for trying. Otherwise, I love your channel. Bob

  • Have folks given More or Less (a stats program on the BBC) a listen?: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qshd

  • I saw the TV ad for this show and thought my VERY bright grandchildren would like it. I watched one episode and found the sexual inuendos offensive and inappropriate for children. You really missed an opportunity for classroom use that could have been a great “teaching” vehicle.

    • Marlynn Murray June 2, 2012 at 6:44 pm

      We were excited about watching this show too, and my 16 year old son previewed it. He asked me to watch it and see if it I thought it was as inappropriate as he did. The Sklar Brothers are not a benefit to the History Channel and I don’t understand the executives choosing this “brand of humor” – they are bleeping out the F-word. I teach and I know I’ll never see this show on United Streaming so I can use it in a classrom! What a shame.

  • Wow! Could you people be any more uptight? Did you even know who the Sklar brothers were before you watched the show. Perhaps YouTube “Cheap Seats”, listen to Jim Rome some time or get on Twitter.

    The Sklar brothers are up to their usual hilarious standards. Good work! Love the show!!!


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