Chartr was acquired by Sherwood Media

I missed this announcement at the end of last year:

Sherwood Media, LLC has added U.K.-based Chartr Limited, a data-driven media company and newsletter publisher, to its portfolio through an acquisition by Robinhood Markets, Inc. Chartr’s visual storytelling turns complex data into easy-to-understand narratives, and will now give the tens of millions of readers of Sherwood Media the ability to better understand the finer details of important trends and the news of the day.

Offering clear and thoughtful insights into complex data is a natural extension of Sherwood’s mission to empower its readers to have the information they need to control their financial future. The acquisition of Chartr gives audiences new ways to understand and see news and market-moving trends. Readers can expect to find Chartr stories across Sherwood content, including Snacks, a daily markets and business newsletter that has one of the largest audiences in the country.

Sherwood Media is a subsidiary of Robinhood. They recently launched Sherwood News, and I saw a chart that looked familiar in format but with a different logo. It’ll be interesting to watch where this publication and relatively straightforward chart machine goes.