Language-based AI to chat with her dead husband

For the past few years, Laurie Anderson has been using an AI chatbot to talk her husband who died in 2013. For the Guardian, Walter Marsh reports:

In one experiment, they fed a vast cache of Reed’s writing, songs and interviews into the machine. A decade after his death, the resulting algorithm lets Anderson type in prompts before an AI Reed begins “riffing” written responses back to her, in prose and verse.

“I’m totally 100%, sadly addicted to this,” she laughs. “I still am, after all this time. I kind of literally just can’t stop doing it, and my friends just can’t stand it – ‘You’re not doing that again are you?’

“I mean, I really do not think I’m talking to my dead husband and writing songs with him – I really don’t. But people have styles, and they can be replicated.”

One part of me feels like this isn’t the way to preserve a memory of someone who is gone, but the other part feels that I would do the same thing if I were in her situation and had the opportunity.

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