What generation do you belong to?

In this interactive, USA Today guesses your age, based on what influenced you as a teenager:

The year you were born partly determines what generation you belong to, but so do your cultural experiences. The chart below shows the offset from birth years to one’s teenage years — when people are most influenced by the world around them — and the music, movies, TV, news, fashion, technology, toys and sports of those eras.

Simple and entertaining. I took the quiz twice, and it was different each time. It was one year off both times, so dead on when you take the average. What generation do you belong to?

[USA Today]


  • It said I was 1973, which is not quite right (I’m not that old)–I wonder if this thing could be more clear about what “teenage years” mean. Early teens, or end of high school?

  • Nice idea, but it was a decade out for me and about the same for my friends who also tried it.

  • I did it twice, and it was very wrong in both cases. The first time it told me I was born 10 years before my actual birth date, and the second time it told me I was born *19 years* before.

    Anyway, it seemed a totally US-centric sort of test, maybe it’s not supposed to work for me :)

  • yeah, it thought i was born in ’72 when i was actually born in ’76. took it again, and it said ’68!

    that last question about the blockbuster film while growing up… ‘growing up’ is a wide range. also thought the bit about which event you remember happening first… i remember several of them, but no clue which happened first.

  • Hit mine exactly right. I found it kind of creepy.

  • I wonder about sibling effect. I was born in ’71 and my brother was born in 65 and it pegged me at 66. Also I wonder if being urban vs. rural has any effect at all.

    Either way, this was a much more fun interactive than anything facebook or some other app because it was partly educational and about happy / strong memories.

  • Multiple questions, I didn’t know any of the choices. I don’t follow sports, and never did. I know who Tiger Woods is, but I think he became famous after I grew up?

    I don’t follow fashion either. I don’t know what most of those choices were.

    The ability to skip a question would have been good.

    That said, it said I was two years older than I am, which is pretty close.

  • I would have been perfect but the fashion question killed it.

  • It got it right for my year of birth (despite the fact that many of the cultural references were unfamiliar to this British bod) but when I shared it on Facebook, it had added 6 years to my year of birth – not impressed with that one!

  • Way off, which may mean I am “way off”. I am a boomer who registered born in 1941. I think the reason may have been I have ancient memories of childhood which almost overwhelm my teenage years?

  • One decade off for me


  • well guys, it appears this is not quite up to date – I was born in ’89, my date predicted here? ’73. I wish. you can tell by the movies and especially the toys that this wa designed, well, NOT for todays young adult-generation. sweet idea though, could be updated.

  • the results says that I was born in 1979 but my actual birth year is 1995. (16 years like my age today) O.o