Poyozo the personal data gatherer

Take a moment and think off all the data you put other there on separate Web services. Email, photos, status updates, documents, location, contacts, and the list goes on. Many of the services are really good, but what if they went down? Where would are your data go? Or what if you could bring all that data into one place, so that you didn’t have to login to Flickr, Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook. Poyozo tries to get all your data in one place – on your own computer – and help “make life make sense.”

Poyozo gives you your own data back by downloading the information you’re currently giving to the web on to your own computer. You can opt-in to importing your data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Last.fm, Google Calendar, any email service, any RSS feed, Flickr, Wesabe, Listit, Skydeck, Dopplr, your Firefox browsing history, the local weather, and your location, allowing you to access all of this personal data as easily as the companies that run these services can.

Simply install the Firefox plugin, choose what services you want to scrape, and you’re good to go. Poyozo then provides an API that you can use to access and query your data. Visualize it any way you want.

Or if you like, you can browse your data through Poyozo’s calendar interface. Although at this point, it’s still kind of rough around the edges. The data gatherer aspect is personally my main interest.

Watch the video below for more, or check it out for yourself. They’ve also got a Kickstarter page for Poyozo so that supporters can pitch in.


  • who needs government to be big brother? Let a company have your personal data instead and let them track your movements, eh?

  • Instead of trying to organize our digital lives more effectively we should stop participating on digital platforms. It is all noise.

  • This looks very interesting… a great use for personal informatics! I already like to track quite a bit of personal info (fitness, travel, sleep), but being able to integrate with online services could be very useful. I may try to incorporate this somehow into my Personal Memex project: http://eric-blue.com/my-projects/personal-memex/

  • I think it is a very interesting idea, but I still not sure about the execution. From the screenshots, it looks kind of clunky, but of course, it is still in early planning stage. I hope it will get better over time.

    I will definitely keep track of this.

  • Firefox plug-in is good, but so much of my activity is from my mobile device. How about an app for mobile devices, then incorporate gps info too.