Battle of the Coverage Maps: Verizon vs. AT&T

Verizon has been running these ads lately that compare their 3G coverage to that of AT&T’s. In the ads a Verizon customer walks along on a speedy phone, and a US map pops up that’s covered in red. Later, an AT&T customer looks frustrated with a sparsely-covered AT&T coverage map. You’ve probably seen them by now, but if not, here are the Verizon ones.

AT&T subsequently filed a federal lawsuit against Verizon arguing that their map on those commercials were misleading – true, but misleading. Their argument was that the blank space on the AT&T maps implied no coverage at all, rather than just 3G, as the text on the screen says. That didn’t work, so AT&T filed another lawsuit.

Well, that obviously didn’t work either, as now we’re seeing new Verizon map commercials with Elves and such:

And so it seems the Verizon ads are here to say, AT&T are putting up some of their own maps, featuring Luke Wilson, to “set the record straight.”

Then there’s also this simple comparison chart:


Finally, what’s Verizon’s response to all of this? It’s this:

AT&T did not file this lawsuit because Verizon’s ‘There’s A Map For That’ advertisements are untrue; AT&T sued because Verizon’s ads are true and the truth hurts.

Indeed. I don’t think many businesses will be following this whole data transparency movement any time soon.


  • Yes, especially, given AT&T miserable connectivity experiences of my friends, the line in “postcards #1” was funny: “Chicago.. that may take a while…” :)

    It also amazes me, why AT&T chose the “side by side” background to be so much closer to Verizon’s color, than their own. Talk about visual cues and what color customers going to remember.

    • he actually says “this may take a while” in reference to reading all the postcards, not the coverage in chicago. why would AT&T produce an add that bashes themselves?

  • I am an extremely happy but former customer of Verizon ONLY because they do not carry the iPhone. There is NO AT&T service in very crucial parts of my town, yet the apps and other capabilities of my iPhone make up for it. Sorry, Verizon, the power of the better smartphone compels me. What do you have to say to that?

    • You can have all your cool phones, but really, you’re only going to be using it as a toy rather than a phone, because you aren’t going to get coverage everywhere. So have fun with your mp3 player cuz you’re not going to get a whole lot of calls on that thing. Least you look cool. And the Drois rules over i phone if you ask me

      • Some one should buy Ferrari an iPhone stop he stops whinin’. Jealousy is a stinky cologne.

      • I have an itouch and its a toy, the iphone is hardly any different. And I wouldn’t pay $50 a month for bad reception…

    • Get the Motorola Droid

  • Did you see AT&T’s response with stats:

    “233 million people or 75% of the population are covered by AT&T’s 3G network”

    What is the correct spin? Verizon’s maps that look like 75% of the land mass, or AT&T’s claim of 75% of the population.

    I agree with John Gruber ( ), the most effective response the the map ads was Apple’s ad: On a 3G phone call on AT&T’s network you can use the internet at the same time. Not on an EDGE call or Any Verizon call.

    • who the fuck cares if u can surf the web while u talk?? is anybody seriously going to be so rude as to watch youtube videos while calling the mom on Mother’s Day???

      • If that’s the limit of your imagination, as to why data would be needed during a phone call, then you deserve the limitation of Verizon’s network.

  • Here is an interesting explanation for the differences between the maps.

  • These ads are hilarious and both are untrue I imagine. I have had verizon for 5 years and my wife has had AT&T for years. We have both driven across the country and never had problems though cells are prone to regular problems no matter what network. My wife has the iphone which I love and I have the Blackberry Storm 2 which I also love. AT&T’s ad about Verizon customers not able to surf the web and talk on the phone are untrue. I just did it to see if it was true or false. I called my verizon phone from my home phone (land line) and my wife and I discussed how untruthful both of these campaigns are as I surfed through google queries.
    Everyone needs to watch the “Madmen” series on A&E. Advertising is like pulling the strings on puppets. We are the puppets.

  • Everyone knows the Verizon ads are a borderline lie in a last ditch effort to compete with the iPhone. Droid please… no one really gives a crap about hardware the iPhone is a success because of you the user interface (like all mac products). The Droid is archaic to say the least in the UI department. The open platform will do the same thing that PC’s have done. Virus prone, and you will never get everything to work fluid. Because you have one company making the phone, thousands making software and accessories. This is why mac wins. Everything you buy WORKS. Its all made by the same company and therefore everything works fluidly every single time. Try it. Please don’t take my word. And yes, it will cost you more. But quality should always cost more.

    • um… hardware does rule dummy. the only thing keeping at&t from going under IS the iphone… and word is apple isn’t going to be exclusive to them much longer so i guess we’ll see what happens.

      • No, dumbass, it is NOT about the hardware. It NEVER has been. NO ONE buys an iPhone because of the physical product. They buy it because of what it can do. It’s the software, stupid.

  • in response to -mustang-

    and that is why all you as apple users have to wait upwards of a year before seeing software being ported to the Macs….. Apple had to falsely advertize to developers that they offer great programming shares to develop apps for their phone. The had advertized the new age of get rich quick schemes that every programmer dreamed of. Granted a few did well off of an app here and there but after the app how do they follow it up? Often they do not and are still making noodles in a coffee pot with a hotdog. When it comes down to service of the two providers Verizon is hands down the better provider. So you can down load faster then Verizon on your apartment roof during a solar storm. I can download about the same speed all over the USA in addition use the Vodafone network overseas with my phone. You see Mac has the tendency to get to the edge of technological advancement… Then they crash to the bottom… They repeat themselves over and over. At least WINMO, CrackBerrys, and Android are looking to the future… Apple always shoots its self in the head every few years…. Hint the useless Mac Air! Great! I have a computer that I can do absolutely nothing with other then stick it in a envelope! That’s state of the art right there!

    • lets not forget apples app screening too. They stifle creativity by banning potential apps like the south park episode viewer. read here The app is already developed and was going to let people view any online episodes of southpark, but apple decided the show was too naughty. Instead they offer a plethora of fart noise apps, because that is so much more agreeable. Mustang is right tho nobody buys a mac for the hardware because thats always borderline dated. They buy it because mac makes sure the software is scaled back enough to run smooth on thier system. Controling sales and production is what mac really good at. They are good at marketing like a tyrannical dictator is good at war. The iphones may have taken over america but they will never let independant apps or thought be put into thier devices. I personally will be very glad when the iphone enevitably dies and all these mac lovers will get off their high horses about their backwards thinking platform.

  • ohh and forgot to add…. Verizon phones ***CAN*** brouse the internet, send text, email, and IM while in a phone call. I tried it last night with my HTC(Windows Moblie) and my wifes BB Storm. Both phone do it all so AT&T is full of crap.

  • Sorry for the troll but here is one more…..

    Also looked up PC World testing on this…. Guess what! AT&T has come up behind Sprint and Verizon leading the pack in a independet test. The performance varied a lot from city to city. But none the less each carriers hot spots!!

    –Out of the 13 cities, Verizon got the highest reliability rating in seven and Sprint got the highest one in six. AT&T didn’t score highest in reliability in any cities, and was often far behind its two competitors.

    –Verizon got the highest download score in seven cities; Sprint scored highest in four; AT&T in two. ( AT&Ts commercial is full of crap)

    –AT&T had the highest upload score in ten cities; Sprint was highest in two; Verizon in only one.

    So here we are:

    AT&T’s “fastest 3g network” busted!!!

    Sprints “Most dependable 3g network” busted!!!

    Verizons “America’s largest and most reliable wireless network.” holds true!!!!

  • I agree that Verizon is the leading phone company in america, its service is great everywhere. Sadly I will confess my family did nearly switch to at&t because my dad was very frustrated with the billing. I had gone over on my minutes and they kept telling different thing about what he had to do to pay it off. Also, Verizon phone quality is beginning to become total crap. I got my new phone in June and it has already become mental all on its own. However even with this Verizon is still the best network out their no matter what at&t says. Oh I have the iphone it is the best phone ever!!!!. Droid kicks the iphones ass its like the iphone on steroids. VERIZON KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anybody else notice that on the AT&T commercial with the chart comparison, there is no 3G COVERAGE category, only fastest 3G??? AT&T Is admitting their network is inferior to verizon

  • With the Droid you can talk/surf/im/email etc up to 6 apps at a time, this is more than the iphone. All so here is a test done on up/down speed and reliability for Verizon/at&t/Sprint. So AT&T’s claim to download speed does not always hold true. In the above add it at&T had coverage, they did not specify 3G otherwise it would have been false.

  • I have had many different phone carriers over the years including Att&t, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. They all have their positive and negatives. You have to choose which carrier best meets your needs. All of them have dropped call areas and connectivity problems. Some more that others. Here is my summary
    1. Best phone coverage, good data, good equipment- Verizon
    2. Good phone coverage and best data service, best equipment- Att&T
    3. Best value but average coverage T-Mobile.

    For the business user (it addresses all communication needs) Att&t is invaluable!

    If you want a better phone coverage Verizon.

    T-moble is great for the non business user. It is perfect for people who prefer texting opposed to phone conversations.

  • I don’t understand those Verizon commercials at all. It’s an all out lie that they’re telling about AT&T’s current 3G coverage. I’ve had AT&T for about 7 or 8 years now, and I live in the middle of one of those really big white spots on the Verizon commercials. I get 3G coverage even when I don’t have any bars and it’s true that I can go online, talk on my phone, and send a text all at the same time!!!! YAY AT&T!!!!

    • Verizon’s map shows no ATT 3G service in my area, too, but have had it for quite a while.

      I have my iPhone which I like. I have the ATT service which serves me well all over the country where I travel.

      I like what I have so I keep it. I really don’t care what others use, so I’m really stumped as to why some folks seem to get really upset over which phone and service other people use.

  • OK…I have had Sprint back when it was PCS, then I went to ATT, then Verizon (I hated it), then Cingular which turned to ATT, then I added Alltel which swithced to Verizon it was added because my job simply gavce me free service I still have it along with ATT…I travel all over the country as well as other countries. I lose sevice from both at times, but I lose Verizon service way more often than I do ATT. Verizon service sucks unless u are in a couple distinct areas..choose ur plan depending on where u live, but if you travel the vast majority of the country, u better make sure and get ATT

  • Well it seems if u live Cali, New York, Florida or any big city u get 3g coverage either way but At&t claims to be the fastest. If u live in a rural area or do alot of traveling around the US then coverage is probably more important, but i live in the palm beach city and applications seem to be more helpful around here. So it really depends on a persons lifestyle and not which phone has a better network.

  • theguy who laughs at dumbasses January 4, 2010 at 9:52 am

    really? Who gives a dam everybodys telling u there opinions and opinions mean jack shit…u people get way bent out of shape over this phone thing….i cant believe theres kids in here that really get that angry over phone service…heres my 2 cents verizon employee 7 years at&t customer 7 years…draw your own conclution from that.

  • Duane Wills January 5, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    It all comes down to what you want to do with your phone. Verizon has better rural coverage, but a slower upgrade cycle and less-effective 3G. AT&T has better indoor urban coverage and more-effective 3G. If you’re carrying a traditional phone from six years ago and you’re happy with it, especially if you travel to the boonies, get Verizon. If you live in a major city, especially if you upgrade regularly or have a smartphone, get AT&T. It’s the same as it always has been, get the right network for you. I personally believe for more people, the answer is AT&T for the large number of people who never travel in the extreme rurals like that but regularly upgrade their phone and are generally transitioning to smartphones. At my store, we’ve done nothing but upgrade people from Motorola RAZRs and the like to BlackBerry 8520s and 9700s and the like lately.

    • I don’t live in the boonies and its far from a rural area and Verizon has had 3G for 2 years and AT&T been promising it for 2 years. I would rather stick with AT&T but they don’t care about that because they’ve been promising 3G since BEFORE last November 2008 and still nothing.

      From a recent Network comparison (debunks everything you just said):
      While AT&T had high signal strength in much of its metro footprint, that signal strength tended to fall off rather rapidly outside of those hotzones. In most markets, 30% to 50% of AT&T’s footprint received half-strength signals or worse, which in part explains many of the lack of coverage and capacity complaints AT&T has received from many of its iPhone customers. And that’s that’s to say nothing of Verizon’s most damaging argument: AT&T doesn’t offer 3G service to 25% of population.

  • What is really frustrating about all of these “maps” is that they are showing where the phone *may* work, but not where they “offer service”. Locally, we do not have AT&T as a local provider, but their map sure does show that they have service! Each time that I try to get an iPhone, tho, they point out that they don’t service our area…. Imagine that! What hypocrites! How unethical is that advertising?

    Maps should show where a customer can sign up and use the phone as a home area, not where they can simply get a signal. Or at least, signify the difference between company-owned service and contracted service areas are. Then, it may shed more light on which company is cherry-picking and which are trying to service customers.

    • Not only that but the map AT&T actually shows on their commercials is the EDGE map!!!!! That AT&T 3G map on the Verizon commercials is the actual AT&T map and it’s pathetic. Great you have Edge which sucks and no one wants. Congrats.

  • Duane Wills January 5, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    They show it on the map because that’s where an AT&T iPhone works. Is it roaming? Yes. Will they activate service out there? No. But, no carrier will, unless they’re charging you for roaming. It’s not unethical.

    You think Verizon owns all that network? LOL… Not a chance. The best way to see what is company-owned is to look at their prepaid maps. If you live in an area that’s not VZW-owned, they won’t sell you a Droid, either, even though it would work out there.

    Maybe, Verizon should signify the difference between a Verizon ETF and an AT&T (er, everyone else’s) ETF(s).

    • Verizons is actually accurate. AT&T hardly owns any of their network and haven’t upgraded it in years. They’re full of crap and I can’t wait to ditch them as my carrier because at this rate I won’t have 3G for two more years. Verizon has had 3G in my area for over two years now. Who cares if AT&T says their network is better when it’s only available in big cities? It’s a farce and Apple is stupid to stay with them and their crappy network.


      It’s going to happen eventually. The question is when it will happen not if it will happen.

      • The Iphone and Verizon deal will never happen, for one simple reason only 3% of the countries in the world use CDMA which is the old wireless technology, 97% uses GSM the new and the future technology, therefore a CDMA Iphone is a waste of money, even if they do a Iphone with a Sim card for Verizon, like verizon is doing with their new devices, it wont be GSM it would be iden which is not compatiable with GSM or better known in other countries as UMTS.

  • OK, so, have you looked at the prepaid maps??? I agree, that’s the map that they should be using. It’s more honest. I don’t really care, it’s just that the commercials that they use make it look like you can get their phones anywhere, and that’s incorrect. However, the map that Verizon is using is accurate.

  • Duane Wills January 5, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Yes. I work for one of the big four. I think they both need to explain the maps better, however, that will never happen.

    Verizon’s is CLOSER, but not accurate. They still show roaming coverage on theirs, and they won’t activate in roaming.

  • I’ve had an iPhone since they launched and upgraded to a 3G iPhone when it was released on the promise fromt AT&T that they would have 3G in my area (NW FL) by the end of the year. That was last year and still not 3G. I called again in September and vented my frustration and I was told unequivocally that we would have 3G by the end of November. Here were are in January and still not 3G. Meanwhile Verizon has had 3G in the ENTIRE area (Pensacola to Panama City) for about 2 years now! The only reason my fiance and I are still with AT&T is because of the iPhone but our contract is up in July and iPhone or not if they don’t have 3G in my coverage area (Pensacola to Panama City) then I’m switching to Verizon. In fact, I can’t wait to switch at this point. I’ll get some kind of a Google Phone unless the iPhone comes over to Verizon as has been rumored. I’m so mad that Apple renewed the exclusivity deal with AT&T … they are seriously the worst cell phone carrier I’ve ever dealt with. I was with Cingular before the buy out and its been downhill since AT&T took over … they’re terrible and if it weren’t for the iPhone they’d already be forgotten. I can’t wait to ditch them if they don’t upgrade their network.

    AT&T thinks the only areas that matter when it comes to 3G are high volume areas (like cities) but I don’t live in a barren cow pasture. Its a very large area and tourist destination and people aren’t happy with AT&T. I can already feel it boiling over.

  • Duane Wills January 5, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Verizon 3G will not and never will do the things the iPhone can do on AT&T 3G, regardless of handset. The Droid can’t. The Google Phone, should it drop on VZW, won’t be able to. The network doesn’t support it and won’t until they get to LTE, which will render all their current devices useless.

    • You talk like AT&T has a good network. They don’t and truthfully all the networks here in the United States are complete rubbish compared to overseas and especially Asian markets.

      It’s like you are arguing that McDonalds is better than Burger King when the reality is compared to gourmet food they’re both terrible. On top of that recent 3G network comparisons show there really isn’t even that big of a difference (not like you claim anyway). It also doesn’t matter if you have a better network if 1/4 of the populations cant access it anyway while Verizon 9/10 of the population with 3G coverage.

      Even if AT&T does have a faster 3G network 1. It’s still crap as all are in North America and 3. 1/4 of Americans can’t access it anyway. I wouldn’t have a problem staying with AT&T if they hadn’t lied to me directly on 5 separate occasions about the availability of 3G in my area. They’ve got until July to get their act together because I’m in business and this pitiful EDGE service isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s pathetic. Perfect example: my fiance and I went to the shops tonight (one of the largest shopping malls in the United States) and we got 3G coverage in Panama City … it was great and I was able to stream some comedy shows over an Internet Radio application without any problems. Then, we cross over a small bridge into Inlet Beach and BAM no 3G and a limited Edge connection. We tried streaming the show to no avail because on Edge it’s impossible (to even get a web page to load up its like using the slowest dial up ever and 1/4 of the time it hangs up all together) to get the show to stream. This should not be happening on full bars even over Edge. The network is substandard and I hope that Apple moves to Verizon or lets every carrier get in on it so customers can choose their own network.

      We had the iPhone exclusively on AT&T’s crappy Edge network forever so its not like it’ll be that big of a deal using the Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile 3G networks.

      • Duane Wills January 6, 2010 at 12:02 am

        Granted, but if any of the big four had to just cover a chain of islands, we’d have been where we are now ten years ago, in terms of network speed and reliability.

        And, your experience on 90% of handsets won’t vary, anyway. If the phone can’t do it, your phone can do it. However, if you’re looking at top-tier devices, your Droids, your BlackBerry Bolds, etc., you do. I compared a BlackBerry 9700 on AT&T and a BlackBerry 9550 on Verizon in my hands. It was night and day.

        And, it comes down to what I said a day ago. If you are in that area that Verizon covers better, use Verizon. If not, use AT&T. If you can’t pass a credit check, get T-Mobile. LOL

        Bear in mind, the iPhone is one of the most problematic phones we sell. I, personally, encourage ANYONE whose primary use is telecommunications (versus multimedia) to get a BlackBerry 9700.

  • zZzSarahzZz January 11, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    welll. im pretttttty sure thats a lie. but according to verizon, at&t works great in maryland soo im fine.

  • AT&T are just trying to cover their butts in the commercial where the dots fall of the Verizon Map. Sure, they have a fast network, but Verizon covers more land mass. The coverage reaches farther. And AT&T’s coverage is only in the major cities if you haven’t noticed. Sure, Verizon is slower. But it is coverage in cities where AT&T doesn’t have any.


      Above is the map for AT&T phone services. Looks like a lot more than “major cities”.

      AT&T isn’t just faster. It’s just better. It multitasks. It can roam (domestically and internationally). Oh, yeah. Better phones, too.

      I just can’t wait until VZW LTE hits. Watching them start from square one should be interesting, especially when all their customers have to get new phones.

  • Verizon User January 16, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    1. The Iphone isn’t going to be on AT&T much longer. Apple wants money, and they want the billions of Verizon customers money. They’re either going to go exclusively with Verizon or become mainstream with Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, EVERYBODY. Basically AT&T is going to be screwed because one of the only reasons people are on their network IS the Iphone. Why would you stay on a crappy network when you can have the Iphone on the best network?
    2. The Droid is probably ten times better and faster than the Iphone. My mom has the HTC touch and it’s basically the same thing, but nicer. The Droid phones are probably the fastest phones on the market right now, sorry apple fan boys. Maybe the only difference is the apps, which are growing.
    3. AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever seen. At their stores they usually have one employee working there and they require you to send back the entire phone when something is messed up. Whereas with Verizon, they will usually have a decent amount of employees working there. And if it’s really busy, they put you on a list and try to help you as soon as possible. They also have a techincal support counter in most stores that will look at your phone right there and try to fix it (and will give you a refurbished one if they cant) Who cares if they’re working for commission? They’re getting the job done.
    4. AT&T coverage is just terrible. They focus mainly on big cities. And that’s just annoying. Not everybody lives in New York. Plus theres always little pockets (even in big cities) where you have absolutely no service. We had AT&T and my parents had trouble getting service anywhere, especially at the hospitals that they work at. Well that’s just not going to work. I only have encountered a few places where my service is sketchy. In my school I only get service in certain rooms, however there is a literally an AT&T tower right next door to the school. I don’t get service in my room or the bathroom in my house, but I get phenominal service everywhere else.

    • Duane Wills January 16, 2010 at 1:59 pm

      “The Iphone isn’t going to be on AT&T much longer. Apple wants money, and they want the billions of Verizon customers money.”

      Verizon is CDMA. The iPhone is GSM. VZW is not big enough to justify designing a whole new (six new) phones for one carrier in one country. Please. It’s on AT&T because they are the ONLY carrier in the US that conforms to standard GSM protocols and frequencies.

      “The Droid is probably ten times better and faster than the Iphone. My mom has the HTC touch and it’s basically the same thing, but nicer. The Droid phones are probably the fastest phones on the market right now, sorry apple fan boys. Maybe the only difference is the apps, which are growing.”

      First, the Droid is just an overgrown G1. Worse, the G1 can voice and data simultaneously on T-Mobile. Can’t even do that on a Droid on VZW. The Touch is nice, but Sprint has the same problems that VZW has. Fast takes many things. If you want fast CPU, you want the Nexus One, which is T-Mobile, but crippled by T-Mobile’s ridiculously small network. If you want fast network, you do the Bold 9700 or iPhone 3G on AT&T.

      “AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever seen… Whereas with Verizon, they will usually have a decent amount of employees working there.”

      You’re judging customer service by number of sales reps in a store? No. It’s conflict of interest.

      “AT&T coverage is just terrible. They focus mainly on big cities.”

      Hmm… Focusing on where the people are and live?

      “there is a literally an AT&T tower right next door to the school. I don’t get service in my room or the bathroom in my house, but I get phenominal service everywhere else.”

      I thought AT&T service was terrible everywhere. You just said it.

      You sound like the type of fanboy who disregards the ludicrous ETFs, crap phones, and slow & un-robust network because you actually believe the maps. Why don’t we do a fair comparison? An iPhone 3G on AT&T and an iPhone 3G on VZW… Maybe, a Bold 9700 on AT&T and Bold 9700 on VZW. Oh, wait. Verizon doesn’t support either of those worldwide best selling phones because they’re stuck on a creaky local protocol. There is light at the end of the tunnel when they switch to LTE. Too bad that’ll kill off pretty much everything on the network at this point.

      • non at&t or verizon user January 22, 2010 at 7:16 pm

        “Verizon is CDMA. The iPhone is GSM. VZW is not big enough to justify designing a whole new (six new) phones for one carrier in one country. Please. It’s on AT&T because they are the ONLY carrier in the US that conforms to standard GSM protocols and frequencies.”

        just thought I would let you know that the iphone is now available for Bell and Telus in Canada who I believe are both CDMA networks, was originally only available to Rogers/Fido which are GSM/UMTS, so the fact that the iphone is still only available through AT&T has everything to do with the joint contractual agreement between AT&T and Apple and not the technology

  • Att was smart by changing technology when no body gave a crap about Cell Phones, Text Msg or Data. on the other hand Verizon biggest mistake was not to change back when Att did it. once Verizon changes to the LTE Technology even T-mobil will be more reliable. That kind of change on monster Company like Verizon Signify major problems< For example new divices, the training for the emplyees, new prices to support the maintenance of the upgraded towers, drop calls in massive quantities, a lot of unhappy customers and the most important of all Billions and Billions of dollar in expences. That happen to Att when they did the changed to GSM but in a much smaller scale and much smaller market that the one Verizon will face..

  • I am really amazed at how ignorant some people are, and how they can be mislead and tugged around by the nose by the media or some “lying” ad by some has been actor (at&t). The truth is, if you LISTEN to it is…who has the “BEST” 3G coverage…not who has the most coverage. (Ignorance here)…I am an at&t customer who is switching to Verizon because at&t lies and their customer service sucks. I lived in DC and had 3g coverage but, when my job relocated me to SE Ga., there is no at&t 3g coverage just as the map depicts and there is barely any at&t coverage period but…Verizon has all bars down here plus, 3g…and while i was in the Verizon store, several at&t customers were in there doing the same thing…dropping at&t. Oh and by the way…when we went across the street in the shopping plaza and…the at&t store was empty and had no clue to if they would ever get 3g coverage in SE or central Ga. The ads are true and you can prove it yourself just by driving up and down I-95. Verizon is telling the truth and at&t needs to get over it and just get better service…i am living proof that the ads are real…sooooo….to those, stop being ignorant and do the research before you voice an opinion cause they aren’t facts…and if you are wondering, i have the i-phone and a blackberry bold…and am switching to the Blackberry Storm 2!!!

  • no non no at&t suks no matter what wow iphone big deal it suks dik my cuzin has it and he liked it at first but everything is too slow uknow what phone is best……MOTOROLA DROID VERIZON WIRELESS

    • wow, really? are you about 12 years old and not able to spell or construct actual sentences?

      your opinion should be void seeing as how you have no factual information to back up anything you say besides “it suks dik.”

      grow up and learn how to spell, or if you are younger than 18, start paying attention in class.

  • non at&t or verizon user January 21, 2010 at 1:34 am

    OK, so, not trying to start anything too technical here … but aren’t Verizon’s 3g and AT&T’s 3g completely different technologies? …

    and, with this being said, isn’t the “3g” that verizon is using merely a data overlay to their CDMA network, very similar to that of EDGE on the GSM network only faster?

    and if i’m not mistaken AT&T has GSM with EDGE pretty much everywhere and then in addition to this, their 3g service is UMTS which is not merely a data overlay but a whole different technology again which also now has HSPA to improve the data?

    and if this is the case … then the maps are kind of misleading, because they imply that Verizon and AT&T are on the same kind of technology and that Verizon pretty much has more towers which is not the case at all.

    Just a thought, I don’t have service with either provider, so it’s of no concern to me, although I have been enjoying watching the two comapnies slate each other with their ads!

    • Duane Wills January 22, 2010 at 1:04 pm

      “then the maps are kind of misleading, because they imply that Verizon and AT&T are on the same kind of technology and that Verizon pretty much has more towers which is not the case at all.”

      That is exactly correct.

      If you want the best reception in the boonies with non-smartphones, Verizon might be a good option for you. Just realize a few things.

      1. Your upgrade cycle will be slower, so if you break your phone, you’re less likely to get a free replacement.
      2. Your phone quality will be lower, as all the good phones are manufactured for GSM.
      3. When VZW does finally flip to LTE, you WILL (not might, could, should) have to buy a new phone to use what you already have.

  • I’ve tried Sprint, Verizon and ATT. I’ve lived in several cities due to job advancements. Verizon, so far, has been the most reliable. Also, when I used to be in the mil, I had better service with Verizon. Verizon is the best.

  • verizon sucks. they are so retarded. at&t has way better coverage. who gives a fuck about 3G. its still going to be fast without 3G and most people dont even need 3G. verizon can only say that they have better 3G cuz everything else is better with at&t and they know it. they cant say they have better coverage or cooler phones cuz they dont. at&t is 110% better then sucky ass verizon.

    • Duane Wills April 20, 2010 at 9:13 pm

      To play Devil’s advocate, be fair. A lot more of Verizon’s coverage is owned-network, too. Not only will it work in the boonies, but you can live in the boonies and not get kicked off after whatever months. If you live in a major city, get what you want. Just realize for a lot of people it’s either Verizon or Sprint, and… Yeah.

  • Soon….. very soon this whole AT&T and Verizon battle will be settled. We will see if the iPhone is what is supporting AT&T or not. Which it is! I think AT&T is about to get a major lesson in customer service for not investing in their network. And once that phone is provided by both companies…. watch the migration begin.

    And on another topic. Watch what happens when Sprint is fully out of debt, caused by poor management, and making a profit. They will become a take-over target. Guess what…. AT&T’s equipment is not compatible with Sprint….. Verizon’s is!

    • Duane Wills April 22, 2010 at 11:35 am

      First, the iPhone can’t “support” any network, not when so many people still don’t have smartphones.

      Second, by the time Sprint is out of debt and out of poor management (well, if…) everyone will be 4G. Sprint’s 4G is WiMAX. AT&T’s is LTE. Verizon’s is… LTE. Neither is compatible with WiMAX. Sprint will go out of business before it gets taken over.

  • The iPhone is obviously supporting AT&T’s business. They can’t claim best network, best quality, best customer service, or best anything. They are being supported by a monopoly on a phone. When that monopoly ends…. late 2010 or early 2011… their stock price will drop instantly on that news. Just for a check point, it trades at $26.23 today.

    On the other topic. Watch Sprint when they report Q1 2010 earnings (well losses again this quarter). They are on track to make a profit later this year. Their subscriber base has stabilized.
    Sprint and Verizon are both using CDMA technology for its cell phones. The upgrades to different technologies for the more advanced 4G services are in their infancy; and therefore acquisition would be simple for the right price.

    Buy the way, Sprint trades at $4.20 today. With reduced debt, which is coming along nicely, they are a good buy out target (like Alltel before).

    • Duane Wills April 22, 2010 at 8:28 pm

      AT&T is the US’s largest GSM network, measured by customers or landmass. Also, the company with the most subscribers overall. Also, the exclusive carrier for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. Oh, and the fastest network in virtually every metropolitan area in the country with their HSPA 3.5G. The vast majority of that precedes the iPhone by a substantial period of time.

      However, Sprint is, and has been for years, a joke. Even you predict that the next shareholder meeting will show yet another YEAR of multi-billion dollar losses, due to another YEAR of poor customer service (only major carrier with outsourced customer care) and unacceptably high handset prices. The only thing they MIGHT have been good for in the past was another acquisition into Verizon, but they fudged that up by going WiMAX instead of LTE. Willful incompatibility with every other network in the world, leading to more problematic and overpriced handsets, just like the last time with Nextel. AT&T stock can lose 80% of its value and still be worth more than Sprint. Their rate plans reek of desperation to keep customers. Since they accept virtually everyone onto their network, they are not only begging to keep customers, they are begging to keep customers with a history of not paying their bills. This cycle of handing out high dollar phones to people who can’t pay their bills leads to nothing but defaulted accounts and overall loss. Expect Sprint to be purchased for dirt cheap by Verizon or completely bankrupt within three years.