Balance Life With the Media Diet Pyramid

Aug 14, 2009

In the August issue of Wired are the New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans. On the cover is a picture of Brad Pitt wearing a bluetooth headset. Rule number 52 reads: “Ditch the headset. He can barely pull it off – and you’re not him.” Clearly these are confusing times, but you’re in luck, because Wired has mapped out how you should properly deal with this new way of living. Stick to the new rules and the media diet above (by Jason Lee) and you’re good as gold.


  • Yup, and if I want to turn a profit, it needs to be in there somewhere!

  • When are you supposed to get work done, or eat?!

  • How about some time for hanging out with family. Almost everything in this picture is a waste of time. Highly evolved?

  • Why does the white, male skinhead get to have all the fun?

  • Ya sorry, this is really messed up. What data is this based off of? Is this just a snap shot in someones life that was arbitrarily chosen to the the example for all of the people on the internet?

    I partake in all of those things, and it doesn’t take up more than 3 hours of my day. Entertainment, 3.5 hours?! What about exercise, sleeping, eating, or I don’t know, working?

    This really aggravates me.

    Has anyone been considering taking time off (few months) from social media?

    • i don’t think anyone actually spends 9 hours with media unless it’s his job. this graphic is totally tongue firmly planted in cheek though.

  • LOL! Yeah, that’s a really great vision for the future of humanity. Mind Numbed by Entertainment, the armies of Indoctrinated News Zombies only occasionally dabble with the rich and challenging Human Interactions intrinsic to all the other depicted activities. No education in the mix. No means of production. Awesome. So inspiring.

    • Oops, I meant “no means of intellectual productivity” … because, yeah, production of industrial stuff is already on it’s way to becoming almost entirely automated. There’s no grand meaning of life embedded in industrial production itself; it’s only purpose is to assemble and distribute STUFF, right? Yes, optimized industrial production is a major pre-requisite to subsequent advances for civilization, but in and of itself, can only raise material standards of living; beyond that, we have to actually THINK again to figure out what the hell actually matters and what we can do as a species, moving forward. ;-)


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