How Much Does Gas Cost Where You Live?

With gas prices going crazy high lately, here’s this weekend’s question:

How much and where from did you pay for your latest gallon of gas?

I just paid $4.11 for my last gallon and live in Buffalo, New York. That was a +$40 tank fill up – for a Honda Civic. Blech.

P.S. Happy early Father’s Day to all you dads out there!


  • Hey Nathan, Love this blog and have been following along for a while. great visualisation is a passion of mine, something I would like to do more of myself.

    Anyway back on topic… It would be great to see this graphic on a world wide scale. With the US dollar buying 50p and 3.8 litres in the US gallon, a London £1.25/litre = US$9.5/gallon and to fill a sixty litre tank is £75 or US$150.

    Feeling better? Its a good thing I cycle to work!

    Happy Fathers Day from London.

  • 15 Swedish crowns/litre = 2.48 US$/litre = 9.37 US$/gallon.

    I guess your survey starts with two outliers in the data to be deleted.

  • 15 Swedish crowns/litre = 2.48 US$/litre = 9.37 US$/gallon.

    I guess your survey starts with two outliers in the data to be deleted.

  • Delete data? Never. Grateful that I don’t have to pay over $100 for a tank of gas? YES. I’m go glad the govt picks up part of the tab.

  • Does the government pick up part of the tab, or does it charge us less in taxes?

    Anyway, outside of Worcester Mass, a week ago, I paid a shade under $4 a gallon (probably about $3.98). I think all the stations are between $4.05 and $4.15 lately. I walk to work, but my wife has a 60-mile round trip each day. She’s traded her minivan for my daughter’s Camry.

  • Thank goodness I only drive about a mile a day and my wife has a govt car and doesn’t pay for gas. I didn’t really notice how much it costs until I drove from Baltimore to Cap Cod a few weeks ago.

    I’m at about $80 to completely fill up my tank – Infiniti FX

    We are going to hit $5 this summer.

  • Just chiming in with another data point.. in southeastern MN yesterday (Hokah, to be precise), I paid $3.89 a gallon.. about $45 to fill the tank on my PT Cruiser.

    So.. there are three places specifically picked out on the map.. why is one Holmes County, Mississippi?

  • Teri – I was a little confused too. Holmes County is mentioned in the story that the graphic supplements:

  • geoff henebry June 13, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    It would be illuminating to see how much of the spatial heterogeneity was due to state and local fuel taxes (or subsidies).

  • Yes, the US govt subsidise the oil companies to a significant extent, although some of your states then tax fuel to add some complexity. This is very unusual, in virtually every other country the oil companies pay tax into the system instead of being paid by it. The particularly odd thing is that in Europe we have a substantial problem with US taxpayer subsidised bio ethanol being dumped on our market. We don’t want this bio ethanol as it is a major contributor to world food shortages and deforestation. I am quite convinced that I would not want my tax money spent to subsidise US fuel so I assume most Americans don’t know about this one…

  • On the subject of fuel, we have a tanker drivers strike in the UK at the moment affecting Royal Dutch Shell. There is a Google maps mashup being used by the BBC to track where there is fuel available

  • hey everybody,

    we in germany have to pay 1.53 euro for one litre at the gasstations. i dont know whats a litre in gallons, sorry.

    greating, uwe

  • uwe – i’m going to be in germany next week. good thing i’m not driving.

  • 1 liter is 0.264172 US gallons and 1 euro is currently 1.5507 USD, therefore the price in Germany is $8.98/US gallon.

    UK petrol prices here:

    Note, however, that the Imperial gallon is larger. Current average price at current exchange rates is $2.32 / litre or $8.78 / US gal.

    Expect the price to increase more in dollar terms when the Saudis stop pricing in US$ which is causing imported inflation at the moment.

    Interesting comment here in the Independent newspaper in London.

  • Just filled up again in Massachusetts for $3.999/gal. Probably be the last time I pay under $4/gal.

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  • In Asheville, North Carolina it’s 3.99

  • I live in Dover DE and I just payed 3.979

  • Timothy Shields July 14, 2008 at 3:14 am

    Looking out my window at a BP gas station price sign, I see the price of regular gas at $3.96, in the city of Newark, NJ, USA.

    Driving a Chevy 15 passenger van and filling up a little bit below half way, the price averages $65.

  • A month ago I paid $3.989 a gallon and predicted I’d never again pay less than $4. But the station that was cheapest then hasn’t changed in the meantime, and a few others nearby have dropped below the magic $4. I think we’re seeing the drop after the traditional Memorial Day increase. We didn’t notice the Memorial Day increase because it came on the heels of a steady several-months-long increase.

  • I also noticed that our prices dropped immediately after July4th weekend. Again, I feel for those that have to drive for a living.