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Visualization in R

What You Get

TutorialsPractical Tutorials

Gain access to the full tutorials collection, along with new how-tos every month. Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how to visualize and explore your data, complete with downloadable source code.

Visualization in R, a Four-week CourseVisualization in R, From Beginner to Advanced

The four-week course takes you from beginner to advanced with practical instruction, real data, and end-of-week exercises to hone your skills.

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I started FlowingData in June 2007, and there are thousands of posts and additional links to poke at.

Additional Resources to Learn to DataAdditional Resources Focused On the How

FlowingData is a good resource for inspiration, but when it comes to visualizing your own data, it’s good to also cover the process side of things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why memberships?

This is a one-man show, and your support lets me work on FlowingData full-time. Memberships let me be choosy about sponsors, and I don’t have to put up blinking gophers that cover the entire page. So in a way, you’re making the world a better place.

What do you cover in the tutorials?

Most tutorials use the statistical computing language R. It’s open source with an active and growing community. However, there are also tutorials that use JavaScript (for interactive visualization), Python (mostly for data scraping and munging), and a mix of other things. You can see all the tutorials in the collection for a good idea of what you get access to.

Do I need coding experience to benefit?

Nope. Tutorials are self-encapsulated and take you through step-by-step. However, some of the tutorials do get quite involved and it can help to have some experience. Or, you can work through the course to get started.

How is this different from your books?

Data Points and Visualize This provide overviews of visualization, whereas tutorials on FlowingData get much more specific and code-centric. If you read the books (thanks!) and are ready to dig deeper the tutorials and four-week course will get you there.

Can I cancel membership?

Yes, of course. Billing is automatic and you can cancel at any time. You’ll still have members-only access for the full year.

How do I renew my membership?

If you previously had an account and want members-only access again, log in to FlowingData with your old info, and click the link to renew in the top right corner.