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The Benefits

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Improve your visualization skillset while saving time for better results.

You also get ad-free reading for a more focused experience and a warm fuzzy feeling from supporting an independently-run FlowingData.

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Visualization in Practice

Learn with real data and concrete examples.

The best way to learn how to visualize data is to start doing it now. Look at real data to see how visual forms work and how to negotiate between more efficient and more visually compelling chart types.

Improvement comes with experience.

And this is how I approach FlowingData courses and tutorials.

I explain how a method works, provide you the tools — which includes source code in R and d3.js — to get your stuff done, and then provide you with a wrap-up so you can apply what you learn to your own data.

The advice in the how-tos are based on my own experiences as a statistician and on projects for both web and print.

The Process

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It’s worthwhile to learn the principles behind visualization, but in practice, there are always tradeoffs when you design charts. The rules that you read in books usually work more like suggestions. The Process, a weekly newsletter for FlowingData members, looks more closely at how to apply what we know about visualization in your everyday work.

The Tutorials

Follow step-by-step examples to make the data graphics you want for reports, presentations, and analyses.


Learn to make beautiful and useful visualizations.

There are over 100 in-depth tutorials — with a new one each month — amounting to hundreds of hours of learning. Mostly in R and d3.js, the tutorials walk you through step-by-step so that you can make a countless number of data graphics for reports, presentations, and analysis. Tutorials include data to work with, source code downloads, and examples to work off of.

If you get stuck, there’s a section at the end of each tutorial to ask questions and see previous answers.

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The Courses

Start with the basics. Advance.

If you don’t have a specific visualization in mind, and instead are eager to learn it all, these guided courses are for you. Work with the suggested schedule or move at your own pace.

Visualization in R, From Beginner to Advanced

Create basic charts, make use of visualization packages, map geographic data, and create custom graphics to use with your own data.

Visualizing Time Series Data in R

Everything you need to know to see and show patterns over time, from basic chart types to the more advanced.

Mapping Geographic Data in R

Make maps that allow you to see spatial patterns across regions and are great for presentation and communication.

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There are many tools and apps to help you visualize data. There are workshops and classes. These cost thousands of dollars. There are books, guides, blogs, and podcasts that provide tips and commentary for the “best” charts. But nothing compares to actually working with data.

Flash past knowing the “rules” of visualization and learn how to make beautiful data graphics. You’ll spend less time pondering over charts and more time making and producing results you can see.

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