RStudio changes name to Posit

RStudio, the company behind the IDE of the same name, are changing their name to Posit:

Our charter defines our mission as the creation of free and open source software for data science, scientific research, and technical communication. This mission intentionally goes beyond “R for Data Science”—we hope to take the approach that’s succeeded with R and apply it more broadly. We want to build a company that is around in 100 years time that continues to have a positive impact on science and technical communication. We’ve only just started along this road: we’re experimenting with tools for Python and our new Quarto(opens in a new tab) project aims to impact scientific communication far beyond data science.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I heard about some new IDE for R that might make programming easier. It’s been cool to see the company grow over the years, and I take it as an indicator for the growth of data work in general, which goes beyond the software or a single language.