Track your daily stress and health levels with Basis

With the success of FitBit and the current wave of self-tracking, it was only a matter of time before something like Basis came out (currently for pre-order). It’s the same idea as FitBit, which is a clip that tracks your movement so you can see how much you move and monitor your sleep patterns. However, instead of a clip, Basis is a watch and comes with additional sensors for heart rate, temperature, and galvanic skin response (sweat). Come near your computer and data uploads automatically via bluetooth.

Obviously these new streams of data allow you to interpolate more, in addition to sleep and movement. Temperature readings allow for more accurate estimates for calories burned and the sweat sensor can show something like workout intensity. Then go to your dashboard via computer, iPad, or phone.

It also looks like they’re making a push for social and data sharing in the context of friendly competition. This is also something FitBit does, but again, there’s more data here. However, at $199, which is twice as much as FitBit, the Basis wristband might be out a lot of people’s price range so you might just end up comparing to strangers.

Out of curiosity, does anyone who has a FitBit use the device regularly, and more importantly, found out anything useful about yourself? Would love to hear your experiences.


  • I have a fitbit – I do not pay for the extra reports. The sleep data was interesting and even seeing daily activity is interesting. It shows me just how sedintary my desk job makes me. I walk double (or sometimes more) the steps on the weekend vs the weekday. I stopped tracking the sleep only because I read that is a bad habit for having a condusive sleep environment, however I do wear the fitbit everyday during my regular activities.

    • @Kyle – Do you feel like knowing that information has changed your behavior at all?

      • Hmm… Not at this point, but it has definitely made me more aware of it. Making small changes for weight loss is something I’m working on, so the awaredness is nice to have. It definitely makes me feel good when I look at it and see the “very active” periods from working out, etc.

  • I used to have one, until an unfortunate mental lapse last summer. (swimming pool – 1, fitbit – 0)

    I wore it all the time and did get some real value out of it, particularly as a motivator to get moving more. I also found it to be fairly accurate for tracking my run distances, and as I was just getting started that year, found it helpful in transitioning from time-based runs (go for 30 min) to distance-based runs (go for 5K).

    I haven’t replaced it yet as I’ve reached and maintained my fitness target, so the value just isn’t there for me any more. I would look at a package like Basis, but it’s hardly a no-brainer at $199.

  • I have found that the FitBit isn’t as accurate as hoped. I switched to the Gruve but after attempts to work with them I am looking for a new device. The device, Gruve is great and very accurate and came with this webiste access, so I could log my food and other activity. I don’t know. I might give this one a try though.