Mad Men office floor plan

I’ve never seen an episode, but if my Twitter stream has taught me anything, it’s that many of you will enjoy this floor plan of the Mad Men office by @CerpinTaxt. Accurate?

[Kratkocasnik via Vulture]


  • pcrackenhead October 20, 2010 at 12:19 am

    Where’s Bert Cooper’s office? Maybe that’s what the whiskey storage place is?

  • Isn’t this mirrored or something? AFAIK, Don Draper’s office is to the left of Peggy’s when facing the doors. Also, I am under the impression that when Don walks from the reception to his office, he has doors on his right hand side. I’d say his office is either lowe left corner or where Roger Sterling’s office is.

    But I’m only half way through season 3 so things may have happened since then.

    Regarding Cooper’s office, I’m under the impression that it’s on another floor.

  • @Ricco: I think the plan deals with the _new_ office from season 4.

  • “Whiskey Storage” would have to be Cooper’s office. It’s interesting how only the main characters have offices and there are not enough seats for any of the minor characters to have anywhere to work. They had the layoffs after the loss of the Lucky Strike account. All of those people that were let go, where did they work? Funny.

    Nice job.

  • And where is Ken Cosgrove’s office?

    BTW: Hat-tip to Benjamin Thomas (@Ben_Thomas_Ech) for pointing me to this page.

  • Chris Younce October 20, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Something was mentioned early in this season that Bert Cooper does not have an office.

  • If you aren’t current on the show, then this obviously won’t match what is going on with the offices (not to spoil it…but they have new offices).

    My guess is that the office stretches to the other side of the elevator bay (the time life building should have central elevators to maximize window space). Over there is probably where they keep all of their accountants, ad buyers, typists, records, etc.

  • Oh man, this is amazing. I love it, but you left out the column in Pete’s office! I was also under the impression that you could see into reception from outside of Don’s office, but I could be wrong about that.

  • If I look at the floor plan, it seems quite realistic. However, there’s a lot more people walking around. And for the people who have seen all episodes so far, there’s quite a few people working at the agency.

    And indeed, where should Cooper be sitting? I know this is based on the information given through the show. I still kind of wonder.

  • Chris Younce October 21, 2010 at 8:45 am

    From episode 9 when Don’s secretary died, Bert Cooper is trying to write the obit; “… and I don’t have an office to ruminate.”

    Bert never had an office in the new SCDP

  • And where is the ‘typing pool’ they so often refer to but we never see?