Christopher Walken and Census

You should have received your Census survey by now. Did you fill it out and mail it yet? If not, get to it. Tim Meadows can only do so many door-to-doors.

[via @parterburn]


  • Would you mind that the Internet is a global venture and thus a large part of the readers here have, of course, NOT received any US census questionnaires?

    Why is it so complicated to imagine that blog writers publish to a global audience, a decade after the start of the Internet?

    • Why on earth would you bother making that comment. I love this blog and far too many people recently seem to take it upon themselves to moan about tiny little things.

      I live in the UK and as such am used to the fact that the internet is a global communication system, and as such not everything will be directly related to the country I live in. I don’t take it upon myself to make stupid comments on every foreign website asking them to acknowledge my presence.

      If you’re not interested or you don’t like it, sod off.

      Well done on an excellent website Nathan, you keep me thoroughly entertained on my coffee breaks and inspire me to add colour, life, and presence to my data presentations.

      The sort of person who leaves comments on blogs bemoaning their content is the sort of person you wouldn’t really want to talk to in the real world, I suggest you ignore them on here as well.

    • So on a global medium we’re never allowed to talk about local or regional topics?

  • Is this the standard way you react when you disagree with people? Because we can’t see us on the Internet are we allowed to get insulting ?

    Nathan created an interesting site which I regularly consult and where I comment sometimes, and it would be better to maintain this professional level of exchange and not start flaming.

    • What does this mean? “Because we can’t see us on the Internet are we allowed to get insulting ?”

      Personally I would have thought “Why is it so complicated to imagine that blog writers publish to a global audience, a decade after the start of the Internet?” was a rather insulting thing to say….

    • thanks for the support, bill.

      frank, while i do try to post things that are relevant to to all FD readers, it’s simply grown to a size where that’s a pretty hard thing to do. if it’s any consolation, census here in the US is only every 10 years, so you won’t hear much about it later. although it’s not just US thing:

      or if you can’t see mr. walken on hulu, here’s a link to it on youtube:

      are we all good now?

      • No difficulty. As a geographer I just wanted to say: when speaking about geo information we have to be localise it.
        That’s an evidence, I thought.

        Concerning censuses it is quite impressive how much mapping census data has become popular. Ten years ago census cartography existed, but now its is exploding. This is great.

        But now you have to teach your citizen, client, student, how to see a structure in a map. And that remains the job of the future.

  • This is also the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of the census.

  • I’m from Germany, love this blog and also like to hear about the US census – but I would have also loved to view the video. We (poor Europeans) are never allowed to view Hulu stuff (We are only getting a “We are sorry, currently can only be streamed in the US message) – that’s really a tad unfriendly to the international audience. If possible it would be great if you could just use YouTube instead – maybe the quality is not as nice, but at least the rest of the world can see it as well. And this video *is* on YouTube ( – as I found out from the “via” tweet you linked to.