100 Reasons You Should Be Interested in, Want to Share, and Get Excited About Data

When I talk about data, people often zone out or don’t really see the interest. Why does this happen? People just don’t understand the wonder that is data and how much of their life is led by data. With that in mind, why would people share their data? You can’t share something you don’t know exists. Off the top of my head, here’s 100 reasons to be interested in, want to share, and get excited about data.

  1. Be completely transparent to build trust
  2. It won’t seem like you’re hiding something
  3. Understand impact on the environment
  4. Get opinions from other people/experts
  5. Increase awareness of neighborhood
  6. Truth in numbers
  7. Provide better examples to argue a point
  8. Wisdom of crowds
  9. Pretty pictures
  10. Beautiful dynamic data visualization
  11. Proof in the data
  12. Understanding of the world
  13. Understanding of yourself
  14. Understanding of your neighborhood
  15. Understanding of your city
  16. Understanding of your county
  17. Understanding of your state
  18. Earn the one million dollar Netflix prize
  19. Appreciate sports on a different level
  20. Data is cool
  21. Save money on utilities
  22. Data-driven art
  23. Overcoming unwarranted biases
  24. Avoid jumping to conclusions
  25. Understand confusing politics
  26. Make educated election votes
  27. Enjoy a new way of programming
  28. Find and see trends over time
  29. Find and see themes over geographical regions
  30. Watch changes over space and time
  31. Explore relationships between network nodes
  32. Know what crime-ridden areas to stay away from
  33. Check up on proper news reporting
  34. Watchdog on scientific research results
  35. Work for a cool newspaper like the New York Times
  36. Improve network protocols
  37. Optimize traffic flows
  38. Minimize the amount you spend on flights
  39. Find ideal products based on what you’ve already purchased
  40. User-specific book recommendations
  41. User-specific movie recommendations
  42. Image and vision sciences
  43. Statistical computing
  44. Produce real research results
  45. Find drugs that actually help and don’t harm
  46. Deciphering genetic code
  47. Cryptography
  48. Understand dorky math dramas
  49. Spam protection
  50. Improve business
  51. Earn big money in Black Jack
  52. Increase sales
  53. Earn more money from advertising
  54. Gain an appreciation of numbers
  55. Online and public databases
  56. Lose weight
  57. Gain weight
  58. Improve workout routine
  59. Industrial engineering
  60. Understand government policy
  61. Get an ‘A’ in statistics
  62. Data visualization is gaining momentum
  63. Amount of data is growing constantly
  64. Make a more tasty wine
  65. Find out the public opinion
  66. Save money while surveying the public
  67. Win in Yahtzee
  68. Game theory
  69. Law of Large Numbers
  70. Central Limit Theorem
  71. Weather forecasting
  72. Financial forecasting
  73. Know what stocks to invest in
  74. Figure out where to put your extra cash
  75. Market research
  76. Learn to release profitable movies
  77. Accountability
  78. Accounting
  79. See from a different angle
  80. Identify the best in a large group
  81. Identify the worst in a large group
  82. Discover who is cheating on tests
  83. Research why crime is on the rise
  84. Make your arguments more credible
  85. Identify who is making up results
  86. Sharing is caring
  87. Data from many often provides more than data from one
  88. Natural language processing
  89. Face identification in a crowd
  90. Save the whales
  91. Improve computer performance
  92. Find cures for diseases
  93. Appreciate cool Stamen Design projects
  94. Optimize crop growth
  95. Compare and contrast profiles
  96. Enroll in a great statistics graduate program like UCLA
  97. Detect major changes in climate
  98. Detect small changes in micro-climates
  99. Data is fun

What did I miss?