Hey Jude flowchart

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What day is it? Flowchart Friday of course. Old but new to me. Based on the Total Eclipse of the Heart flowchart, this one takes on Hey Jude. Don't get stuck on an infinite loop of na na na na na na na na na...

[Love All This via Laughing Squid | Thanks, John]


  • Brilliant! But there is a flow missing, from “hey Jude” back to “na nana nananana nananana” ;-).

  • I agree with JC I was doing really well following the chart until I needed to go from “hey Jude” back to nanana-ing. I need a connector for life to be complete.

  • I don’t have time to go back through the lyrics of Hey Jude right now, but I’m pretty sure that this chart does not in fact represent the logic of the song. A few points.
    1. If “make it bad” leads only to “take a sad song”, then there is no logical break required, and thus no flow arrow necessary, between the two. If an arrow were necessary between each logical sector of the song, then you’d need direct arrows linking make –> it –> bad–> etc.
    2. More importantly, the flow chart suggests there is a way through the song where you could start with one of the openers, ie., “make it bad” and then proceed either to “let her into your heart” or to “let her under your skin” and then to “can start” or “begin.” If that were the case it would be necessary for the song as it is sung to iterate 12 times in order to cover them all:

    make it bad –> let her into your heart –> can start
    make it bad –> let her into your heart –> begin
    make it bad –> let her under your skin –> can start
    make it bad –> let her under your skin –>begin
    be afraid –> let her into your heart –> can start
    be afraid –> let her into your heart –> begin
    be afraid –> let her under your skin –>can start
    be afraid –> let her under your skin –> begin
    let me down –> let her into your heart –> can start
    let me down –> let her into your heart –> begin
    let me down –> let her under your skin –> can start
    let me down –> let her under your skin –> begin

    Since all of those iterations don’t occur in the song, the flow chart produces erroneous results, and needs to be modified! :)

  • Funny to see this since it was only last week I was using Hey Jude lyrics to test out a graph visualization UI. Click the arrows to expand.

  • Back in November, the guys at LucidChart di this flow chart in a video set to music…


  • Where the whole “the movement you need is on your shoulder” part? Incomplete!

  • Yes, it’s incomplete, but the “Na” flow at the end is brilliant.

  • :D Nice…I should do those things to when I have freetime. Thanks!

  • I don’t know how these flowcharts work but there are some lyrics missing, such as “the minute you let her under your skin, then you’ll begin to make it better”. And what about “and any time you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain…”?

  • Good effort! i want to see this work in complete Oder by next week please

  • There is a bug in the flowchart. It does not terminate. I think we need an out arrow at “na”.
    Can I also suggest that since Judge occurs only once an object oriented version using a factory pattern would allow for the song to be reused with other names without substantial overhead.


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