Best Beer in America 2009

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Following up from last year’s beer graphic, Mike Wirth looks at medal winners from this year’s at the Great American Beer Festival since 1987. This year’s festival is September 24-26.

This time around is a little more context about the breweries in America, namely the number of breweries per state. It looks like someone used Many Eyes for some bubble fun.

Also, as suggested by FD readers for the 2008 graphic, Mike includes rankings by state both by number of medals and medals per capita. Vermont wins per capita. Alaska’s up there at number 6. Actually, the top states per capita seem to be mostly northern states. Gotta stay warm, eh?

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  • The best beer in America, I am sure, is Mexican or Canadian — or perhaps European imports. But I haven’t tasted South American beers.

    • There are MANY good American beers out there. Most of them are found from microbreweries. Go to your nearest one and enjoy.

    • About 15 years late on that comment. America probably produces more varieties of quality beer than any country other than possibly Belgium, if you know what to look for.

  • This graphic is showing where the past medal winners have come from. The GABF hasn’t happened yet this year.

  • The best beer in America is most assuredly NOT Mexican. There is more good beer brewed in San Diego County than there is in the entire country of Mexico. Hell, there is more good beer brewed by Pizza Port Brewing in Solana Beach than there is in the entire country of Mexico. The French-speaking Canadian provinces? Now that’s another storey altogether.

  • I know this is a very generic map in terms of actual brewery location, but you’d think that they could *TRY* to get it somewhat correct in the larger states where there’s room (like CA).
    Then again.. anything that has to deal with the location of Chico (Sierra Nevada Brewery) I’m personally picky about.

  • Very cool! If you’re looking to map every craft brewery in the U.S. and Canada… check out


  • There is only one country brewing as good quality beer as America nowadays, and that’s Belgium.

    American micro and craft breweries are at the forefront of brewing- anyone who knows anything about beer knows that.

  • The best beer in America is Alaskan beer, brewed in Juneau, Alaska.


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