FlowingData is the top blog for statistics and data visualization, and is frequented by data-savvy readers who are interested in such. Have a product or service that might interest them? Advertise on FlowingData.

Although traffic varies month-to-month, here are some numbers as of December 2016:

  • 1.1 million page views per month
  • 74,000 daily RSS subscribers
  • 61,000 Twitter followers
  • 22,000 likes on Facebook

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Feed sponsorship

Sponsorship of the FlowingData feed is a way to reach readers via RSS and is great for events and launches. It appears as a sponsored post in people’s feed readers and on the site, with your company name as the title, and links directly to the URL of your choice.

Banner space

There are only two banner spots available. The first is a medium rectangle (300 x 250 pixels), which is a rotating spot placed prominently in the top right sidebar of every page, above the fold. There is another spot of the same size below each post and in the sidebar below the fold.