Data Fluency is Out Now

Oct 27, 2014

Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication, by Zach and Chris Gemignani, is the latest addition to the FlowingData book series.

You can order it now.

This is not a book on information dashboards. It’s not really a book about visualization (although it’s certainly part of the story). Data Fluency is a book to help you and your organization figure out what to do after the hype fades and it’s time to actually work with data.

The premise of Data Fluency is that within an organization, or even just a group of people, there are pockets of individuals interested in and working with different aspects of data.

Data Fluency Framework

At the individual level, there’s the data consumer who reads charts and results to make decisions and there’s the data author who sleuths and makes things. At the organization level, you want a data-centric culture where people care about what comes from data, and there’s an ecosystem that fosters the work of data authors.

Data Fluency describes a roadmap that can help get this going.

As technical editor for the book, I got to see the book take shape, from outline to finished manuscript. It was especially fun for me, because I’ve followed Juice Analytics through their blog for so many years. It was one of the first sites I subscribed to back when I googled for “data visualization” and FlowingData didn’t exist yet.

Like their writing online, Data Fluency offers practical advice that stems from the Gemignani brothers’ experience as consultants, which is nice when you want results.

So I’m excited to introduce the book to you.

For more on Data Fluency, check out the announcement on Juice Analytics. You can grab a sample chapter on the book page. Or just order it on Amazon.